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So over winter and working on running form

19 Mar

OK. I love winter running and all, but I’ve had my fill of snow and freezing cold. I mean, seriously. Tomorrow is the Spring Equinox. Can we please have some warm sunny days now?

Most of my clients canceled today thanks to Winter Storm Ukko (really with that name?), so I was home about 5 hours earlier than usual. I went off for my mile to continue my Mile a Day in March challenge. I haven’t missed a day yet! I did my 8:00 core circuit afterward and spent more time stretching and foam rolling.


Snowflakes on my nose and eyelashes…


Snowy mile

I can’t forget to mention that Mark and I did our mile together on Sunday afternoon! After a bunch of errands and a birthday party for a 4 year old, it felt more like nap time than run time but we did it.

This is clearly out of order. Rewind/fast forward/whatever to Monday night. I did a slow and easy 4 miles while I stretched my legs out from Saturday’s race and tried to read every sign I passed and took pictures for the #RunChat Scavenger Hunt. Trying to find a hashtag (#) while running is not very easy at all.

4.17 miles | 41:30 total time | 9:57 avg pace

Lately, I’ve been trying to be mindful of my running form and working on making some adjustments to improve. I saw a photo that made it look like I was heel striking and it got me wondering if I typically heel strike when I run. Since I don’t have a running coach and I don’t run in front of a mirror, I can’t be certain about my form. I don’t think I predominantly heel strike, but then again I didn’t think I was a massive overpronator either.

Sometimes I glimpse my shadow or see my reflection in a window and am convinced I’m the most awkward runner on the planet, but surely that can’t be accurate, right?

Regardless, I am making an effort to work on my slightly-forward lean and midfoot strike.

I found this video from Chi Running’s Danny Dreyer pretty helpful in explaining why we heel strike, what it does, and how to achieve a midfoot strike:

I like this video from the Balanced Runner because it demonstrates 5 common mistakes runners make and how to correct them:

“Changing your footstrike is a complicated issue.” You’re not kidding… I think I’m going to be bookmarking the Balanced Runner video channel for future reference.

And if you’re not into watching videos, here’s a little poster:

From Runner’s World (via)

What are your experiences with adjusting running form?


It’s a great day to be a woman

8 Mar

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is a global celebration of women’s achievements as well as a day to raise awareness for furthering equality for women around the world. I am very grateful for the women who have come before to allow me the opportunity to vote, work, choose, and run. I am also very grateful to the women in my life who have raised me, taught me, and supported me. I am grateful for the women who continue to be at the forefront of breaking down professional, political, and legal barriers. I am hopeful that our future daughters will continue to expand these rights and strive to ensure that all women are able to have equal, safe, fulfilling lives.

There are so many women whom I find inspiring, but that list would take pages and pages to discuss. Here are some women who have fought for the right for women to run and compete:

Kathrine Switzer in the 1967 Boston Marathon (Source)

Sarah Attar, first Saudi woman to compete in Olympic track in 2012 (Source)

I plan to continue to celebrate Women’s History Month by finally watching the PBS special Makers: Women Who Make America and channeling runners I admire (such as Kara Goucher and Deena Kastor) when I’m in need of motivation.

Who inspires you?

Now with all that inspiration in mind, on to today’s run!

We got a few inches of wet snow last night into this morning, so the roads were pretty slushy until the afternoon. The sun came out and shined on the snow, making for some nice scenery for my run. I tried to take this one fairly easy because I’m running a 5K next weekend. It’s my first 5K (and also my first race) since coming back from injury, so I’d like to make sure my legs aren’t totally beaten up. Plus, I did my long run already this week!

Should've worn sunglasses!

Should’ve worn sunglasses!

3.15 miles | 29:17 total time | 9:18 avg pace

I followed the run up by working my core and arms with my lolofit apps. I thought about mixing in a little bit of a leg workout but I decided to leave that for tomorrow. Plus, I really needed to get in the shower if I wanted to be fresh and clean for our dinner plans tonight!

When I came back from my run, this was waiting for me in the mailbox:


Runner’s World April issue

Looking forward to diving into this one! I haven’t been good with reading my last couple of RW issues from cover to cover, so this is going to be a goal for me this month. I’m especially interested in that lose 5 pounds thing…hmm…

The husbo and I are now off to find some quality Italian food and wine for dinner. Enjoy your night, everyone!

Another group run and my modeling debut

7 Mar

Last night, the runiverse was working in my favor and I was able to join the ARE once again for another group run. When I showed up for the season’s last Chilly Willy run, I was met by about 30 other runners, many of which I met on Saturday’s fruns as well as plenty of new faces. Once it seemed like everyone was there, we headed out for a big loop around the neighborhood and nearby SUNY Albany campus.

There are so many things I enjoy about running with other people. It’s a great way to get to know others who enjoy running and being active, conversation really makes the runs go by faster, it increases motivation, you can work on pacing by teaming up with someone a little faster/slower, it exposes you to new routes and scenery, you get to hear about upcoming races and get inside info and tips, and any time there is food at the end it’s a plus.

I started my Garmin a little late, so my stats are off, but the run was 6 miles and we finished in about 57 minutes.


A house full of runners!

There was food galore waiting for us after we finished up – tacos with all the fixings, salad, snacks, brownies, cheese and crackers, quinoa, brussels sprouts, wine, and delicious homemade hot chocolate.


Perfect way to end a winter run!

I really hope I can work more of these group runs into my schedule! (Dear runiverse, please make it happen…)

When I got home, I pulled out the yoga mat and did my 8:00 core workout using the lolo Easy Abs app. Have to stay consistent! I’m starting to see some definition – I might even have a 1 pack. I was able to do 5 of these instead of zero:


Side plank with leg abduction = mild form of torture?

After a long work day, I squeezed in a snowy mile tonight a 9:00 PM to keep up with my Mile A Day in March challenge.


Snow shoes.


I have an exciting update about the photo shoot I did last month!

The new website for Tiffany Wayne Photography is now LIVE! Everything came out beautifully! To see the rest of the work, click on the link above and see her blog post here. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes video!

Copyright Tiffany Wayne Photography

Glam status

Copyright Tiffany Wayne Photography

Look at me on the right!

I’m so honored I was able to be a part of this project! It was so much fun to rock my wedding dress one more time and get glammed up. If you’re looking for someone to capture your wedding, engagement, family, business, or event, I highly recommend TWP! (P.S. She travels!)