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Running free on Friday

3 May

If you’re like me, you have a theme song for pretty much everything. Today, I give you my theme for Fridays. This starts to play in my head Thursday night because I currently do not work on Fridays. It is my day to do what I want!

I started the day with a gorgeous naked run. That’s right, friends. I ran without any tracking device! No Garmin, no iPhone app, not even music. It was just me and my shoes hitting the pavement with the sun shining and the birds chirping.


Beautiful. 🙂


If I recall correctly from other times I’ve run this route, it was just under 4 miles. It felt freeing to be disconnected from gadgets and just run.

I ran a bunch of errands today (you know, the usual – Target, Trader Joe’s, Fleet Feet) and was very happy to discover more running mail! I did a little dance.

My order came in from Under Armour and I got a new issue of Runner’s World! I added these to my other packages that arrived this week from Running Warehouse (Brooks PR skort) and Pro Compression. I even threw in my new Champion C9 sunglasses, Gu, and nuun (needed a cherry limeade refill already!) that I picked up today.

runningmailI’ll be giving a better run down of this running gear because it’s going to be part of my race kit for next weekend’s half marathon! I’m getting very excited!

Happy weekend everyone! Now it’s time to relax and rest for tomorrow’s 12 mile LSD run.

How was your Friday? Any big weekend plans?


Recovery runs, Pulled pork, and Bargain brights

12 Apr


After yesterday’s hill repeats, my plan for this morning was to go for a recovery run. Then I got to thinking, what exactly is a recovery run and what are the benefits? What I’ve heard is that it is meant for muscle repair and to essentially “shake the legs out” the day after a hard workout. Then I read this article, which offers a somewhat different perspective. Author Matt Fitzerald from Competitor.com says the common belief about recovery runs is not quite accurate, but they are very important for training.

“By sprinkling your training regimen with relatively short, easy runs, you can achieve a higher total running volume than you could if you always ran hard.  Yet because recovery runs are gentle enough not to create a need for additional recovery, they allow you to perform at a high level in your key workouts and therefore get the most out of them.”

If you run 5 times a week or more, are training for a race, were unsure of the reasons for recovery runs, or are at all interested in running, I highly recommend reading the entire article.

Even though I haven’t been running 5 times a week, I still considered this a recovery run because it fell between a hard workout and the 9 miles I have planned for tomorrow.

Today’s cold, rainy run was a little over 3 miles at a 9:30 avg pace. It was nice to slow down a little and relax. I also made a mental note that I need a light rain jacket for running.

I followed that with the abs circuit from the Running in Heels Beach Body Challenge.

That last plank was haaaaaaard, but I’m fairly certain I’ve grown at least a two-pack with all the core work I’ve been doing.


I met my very best friend Vicki for lunch at Spanish tapas restaurant, Boca Bistro to talk boys men, life, work, and running. If you are ever in or around the Capital Region of New York, you need to eat there. End of story.


Pulled pork with smoked tomato aioli, pickled shallot, and idiazabal (cheese) sandwich with a cup of white bean and chorizo soup


Biggest white beans I’ve ever seen on the biggest spoon I’ve ever used to eat soup

Seriously, this stuff is delicious. The food makes me want to go to Spain to eat myself into oblivion and never leave.


On the way home I stopped at my favorite weekly hangout, Target. I was trying on a few things in the dressing room and the urge struck me to take a self-portrait. For the past couple of days I’ve been letting my hair just kind of do its own thing with minimal product or blowdrying (besides bangs). You know this is a big deal when both your husband and your best friend react to you telling them you let your hair go au naturel by getting really scared and asking if you’re OK.



I spent a lot of time perusing the aisles in a leisurely manner, not really looking for anything in particular. I ended up with this awesome skirt for about $8 and I’m already planning how I’m going to wear it next week.


I also found these bobby pins on clearance and thought they’d be a cute way to hold my bangs back during races instead of those plain, boring bobby pins I usually use.

20130412-173528.jpgToday’s shopping theme was clearly “Bright colors and 70% off.”

Some fun questions for you:

What are your thoughts on recovery runs?

What’d you have for lunch today? 

What was your last bargain buy?

Run. Lunch. Hair. Shop.

18 Jan


Today was very cold, yet sunny. My favorite winter running weather! I lot of my friends thought I was nuts for running outside this morning, but I stayed pretty warm with all of this gear on:

I have to say, the Under Armour tights are pretty amazing! I wore them by themselves and they stood up to the cold pretty well (until I stopped moving). My upper body was actually quite toasty, so I’m thinking that shirt and jacket combo is a solid choice throughout the rest of the cold weather. The neck gaiter worked out well and kept my neck and lower face warm, I’m glad I bought it! The rest of my face was a little cold until I approached the first mile, but I don’t think I’m going to be sporting a ski mask any time soon. Maybe a beanie (hmm…more SmartWool?).


The workout: 2.4 miles | 20:03 total time | 8:25 avg pace

20130118-184607.jpgEllie guarding my (dirty) running clothes


I met up with my best friend for a little lunch and some (much needed) girl talk. It was a great day for soup, so I got a cup of white chicken chili. The seasonal bagel was cranberry walnut, so I couldn’t pass that up. To get my caffeine fix, I had a nonfat sugar-free hazelnut latte.  20130118-183441.jpg


After lunch, I headed to the salon for a long overdue haircut. It had been over 3 months since my last one, so my hair was getting a little ragged un-fabulous. Since I’m pretty much famous for my hair, I had a responsibility to take care of that mess. I feel like a new woman now! I promise promise to stick to my 8 week appointment next time. Cross my heart.20130118-183450.jpg


The next stop was my weekly trip to Target (obsessed?). They are having a super clearance on women’s clothes and activewear, but I didn’t find anything I wanted in my size. Bummer. I did find other fun clearance items to try – TRESemme Fresh Start dry shampoo, Suave Keratin hair serum, Yes to Carrots body butter, and an e.l.f. eye shadow brush.


The artwork was very much not on sale, but I had to buy it. My husband is really into photography and he collects vintage cameras. We even used them as props for our engagement shoot and incorporated them into our wedding theme.     AND today is our 8 monthiversary. See…it was meant to be!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Friday! 🙂