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22 Aug

What is that, you ask? 

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. The soreness that shows up anywhere from 12-24 hours after engaging in physical activity that works muscles in a way they are not accustomed to. The worst pain may be experienced 24-72 after exercising.

If you’ve ever started a new form of exercise, did a tough workout, strength-trained, walked a bunch of stairs, ran some hill repeats, raced in a long distance event, helped move a friend into their new place, or any activity that works untrained muscles, chances are you’ve experienced DOMS.


Why, oh WHY?!

“Most believe soreness develops as a result of microscopic damage to muscle fibers involved the exercise.This type of damage likely results from novel stresses that were experienced during the exercise. One common misconception about DOMS is that it is due to lactic acid accumulation, but lactic acid is not a component of this process. DOMS appears to be a side effect of the repair process that develops in response to microscopic muscle damage.

– Info sheet from the American College of Sports Medicine.

But, why ME?!

Turns out, even all-star athletes are susceptible. Of course, soreness becomes less prominent once we get used to an exercise (say, the more our endurance for running increases), but any novel movement can create soreness.

There’s good news!

Exercise that produces soreness creates a partially protective effect that reduces the chance of soreness in that same activity weeks or months into the future.

Can we prevent it?

Not completely, but easing into a new exercise and warming up properly can help reduce the level of impending soreness. Some say stretching after exercise doesn’t really prevent DOMS, but I say it sure does provide some relief. Other things that can help are icing, massage, accupuncture, NSAIDs, and foods that are natural anti-inflammatories (like blueberries). Mostly, you just have to let it pass on its own.

Are DOMS an indicator of a good workout?

Not necessarily. DOMS can certainly mean you worked your muscles in a new way that will increase strength and endurance. However, “No pain, no gain” is generally a myth. Not having pain after a workout does not mean you didn’t go hard enough. You are still getting benefits and increasing fitness even if you aren’t climbing into an ice bath or clutching a walker afterward. As always, acute pain during exercise is a signal from your body to STOP.

Dealing with DOMS?

There are many, many articles available offering tips for relief using static stretching and handy tools like foam rollers. I will be following up this post with some of those suggestions!


Stolen phone and half marathon week

6 Aug

You may have noticed that I did not post a Monday Meditation yesterday. Well, there’s a good reason. My iPhone was stolen right off my desk yesterday morning (I know, right?!). Most of the day and evening was spent dealing with that and the range of emotions it produced.

For example:




Relief (YAY new phone!)

You really have to keep a sense of humor in these kinds of situations, friends. Despite this sense of violation of my personal space and property, there is nothing I can do to change it. Forward is the only direction time can move. Plus, I really like my new Samsung Galaxy S4. Take that, dirty thief!

Unfortunately, this does mean I lost most of the photos taken at the Firefly 5K this weekend. As soon as I collect a few from friends, I will post a recap.

I know, I’ve been a terrible blogger lately… Sorry!


July came and went in a blur and here we are well into August! I’ve got the Camp Chingachgook Challenge half marathon coming up this Saturday in Lake George, which is on the Eastern edge of the Adirondacks. I can’t believe how fast this has come up and I’m really excited about participating in it. This summer has been pretty rough for training (remember thisthis and this?), so I am again going in without expectations and racing based on how I feel and what the weather conditions are. This plan usually works out well for me, so I’m going to stick with it.

Even though I’ve been light on the blogging, I’ve been getting my miles in. I would have liked more consistency with strength and cross training, though. I’m just taking it very easy this week – getting in a few easy miles, trying to rest, and eating some energy packed carbs. Let’s do this!

Misty river during this morning's sunrise run

Misty river during this morning’s 4 mile sunrise run

Question for Android users: What are the best apps for strength training? 

Rise and Run Love

21 Jun

It’s the first  official day of Summer and it’s a beautiful sunny day here! Let’s just hope the nice weather sticks around and we don’t get anymore Autumn temperatures in June. A beautiful Summer Friday seems like a good day to recap this week’s workouts as I relax on the porch with some fruit.

This week was definitely much more active than last and it’s been great! Mark is working hard on his 5K training and I’m building my mileage back up for an upcoming 15K and half marathon. We’ve been getting up at 5:30 AM at least 3 times a week to get our workouts in and the morning weather has been perfect!

photo 1To accommodate each of our mileage goals, we start out together and then split off when it’s time for me to run longer. When I get back home, we stretch and every other day we work our core. So far, this arrangement has been working out and I’m really enjoying running side by side with my husband!

runlove2He’s even lovingly trash talking that he’s going to beat my 5K goal first and run a marathon before me! Isn’t he hilarious?!

riseandrunloveHere are the details on my workouts for the week:

Sunday – 8 miles | 1:11 total time | 8:55 avg pace

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 4.03 miles | 34:57 total time | 8:40 avg pace

Wednesday – Hill repeats x10 (with a warm up and cool down): 3.57 miles | 31:28 total time | 8:49 avg pace;  8:00 abs circuit

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 2.3 miles | 20:11 total time | 8:47 avg pace; Full body strength circuit using lolofit Easy Abs, Easy Legs, and Easy Arms apps

photo 4

This Sunday I plan to go for 9 or 10 miles and I’m really looking forward to running long again. I haven’t been focusing too much on speed during the week as I’m helping Mark build his miles and I’m exploring some options for customized workouts to help me meet my goals. I’m considering having someone design me a plan, since I’m really not great at coming up with my own. I’m really interested in getting some track workouts in, but I feel kind of lost when I try to figure out what to do! There are plenty online, but I feel a little inept at tailoring them to my fitness level and goals. Maybe I should give my high school track coach a call…

Question for you: Do you have a running coach? Do you have any awesome speed workouts you’d like to share?