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One year married and the happiest place on earth

20 May

We returned home last night from our anniversary trip to Cape Cod, but I’m still 100% there in my mind. It truly was a wonderful trip and the perfect way to celebrate the first year of our journey together as a married couple.

Speaking of, I can’t believe how fast time went by! It seemed like only a moment ago we were saying our vows in front of family and friends and now here we are a full year later, even more in love than ever. Is it cool if we still call ourselves newlyweds?


May 18, 2012

A long weekend in Cape Cod was our first trip together as a couple way back in 2008, so it was a natural choice to spend a few days there to celebrate our first wedding anniversary there.

2008 v 2013

Provincetown Then & Now

Even though we packed a lot into 4 days, the whole trip felt easy and relaxing. We spent the days exploring towns and beaches, biking to lighthouses, getting massages, shopping, wining and dining, and simply just being together. Absolute perfection.

roadtrip rbb

Road trip!

Disney claims to be “the happiest place on earth,” but I have to disagree. Theme rides and cartoon characters are totally unnecessary to me. I’m more of a sun on my shoulders, wind in my hair, sand between my toes kind of girl. Cape Cod is a place where I feel connected to myself, my husband, and nature – pure bliss. It’s truly my happy place. (The Adirondacks are a close second.)

beach hair rbb

How can you not be happy here?

Speaking of nature, we spent some time walking around the MassAudobon Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. We got to see some beautiful birds and these itty bitty crabs crawling around the marsh. They would start crawling out of their tiny holes in the mud and then if you moved, they all sped back into their hiding places. We spent a lot of time watching these little guys.

crabbies rbb

One of the other things we did on our first day was to go for a nice bike ride on the Cape Cod Rail Trail. It’s a 22 mile stretch that runs from Dennis to Wellfleet. Since we were staying in Wellfleet, it was easy just to hop on at the end and go. It’s a beautiful path that’s marked at every tenth of a mile, so you always know how far you’ve gone!

railtrail rbbWe rode to the Nauset Light House and beach before heading back. The ride was about 11 miles total. We were sooo ready for some pizza after that!

nauset light rbb

nauset beach rbbAnother fun thing we did was a wine tasting at Truro Vineyards. It’s a small but well-known vineyard with very delicious wines. A couple varietals even come in lighthouse shaped bottles!

truro rbbI fell in love with Corn Hill Beach in Truro…

cornhill rbb…it was so beautiful that we decided to return at sunset. As the sun went down we unlocked the love letter and wine box from our wedding ceremony. Our officiant used the love letters to create our vows to each other, which were a surprise to us until the moment we recited them to each other on our wedding day.

loveletters rbb

My favorite part of the trip

markletter rbb

Mark reading my letter to him

Of course, I made sure I took the opportunity to get a nice run in to the Wellfleet marina. Technically it was a naked run, but I had my phone on to make sure I didn’t get lost, so I know that I ended up going for just under 5 miles. I want to run here all the time. 

nakedrun rbbWe spent the day of our anniversary in Provincetown. We walked and walked and walked and did a little shopping and eating. I wish I was logging our miles because I’m sure we walked at least 8 miles. We were so ready for our fancy dinner at the Red Inn!

redinn rbbThe food was incredible and we had a view of the water where a bunch of horseshoe crabs were hanging out near shore. Once we got back to the Wellfleet house we popped open some champagne and toasted to a successful first year of marriage.

anniversary rbbOur little getaway was so wonderful and refreshing, I really could go on about it all day. Mark took tons of pictures and I think I will be staring at them for a while and daydreaming about my happy place!

It has been quite a year and I am looking forward to what adventures the future will bring.


LSD and sunshine

4 May

I’m writing this post from the road as Mark and I are on our way out of town for the night. Hopefully this works!

This morning we headed out for my last Long Slow Distance run before next weekend’s half marathon. Mark rode along on his bike again.
photo 1wmIt is a gorgeous sunny day and I got to put my Brooks PR Mesh Skort and C9 by Champion runglasses to the test.
runglasses wmTotally approve!

Mark didn’t bring his fancy DSLR camera with him, but he still got a couple of nice action shots!away wmAt about mile 5.5 we saw this white bike, which is actually a memorial. (Sorry for the foggy shot, my iPhone was in my pocket and got a little steamy.)ghostbike wmghostbikeplaque wmforward wmHonestly, this running skirt is amazing. The compression shorts underneath have rubber on the hems. They. Did. Not. Move. I want 10 more of these skirts, please! The only thing that would make them better is a couple of belt loops so I don’t have to safety pin my hydration belt to myself.runandsmile wmThis time, I tried to focus on starting out slower and building a little speed after the halfway point for a negative split. The last 1.5 miles were tough, but I think waiting too long to take another Gu gel had something to do with that. I took one at mile 5 and then at mile 10. splits 5_4Overall a great run in the sun and now it’s time to focus on tapering, carbo-loading, and rest!

Running free on Friday

3 May

If you’re like me, you have a theme song for pretty much everything. Today, I give you my theme for Fridays. This starts to play in my head Thursday night because I currently do not work on Fridays. It is my day to do what I want!

I started the day with a gorgeous naked run. That’s right, friends. I ran without any tracking device! No Garmin, no iPhone app, not even music. It was just me and my shoes hitting the pavement with the sun shining and the birds chirping.


Beautiful. 🙂


If I recall correctly from other times I’ve run this route, it was just under 4 miles. It felt freeing to be disconnected from gadgets and just run.

I ran a bunch of errands today (you know, the usual – Target, Trader Joe’s, Fleet Feet) and was very happy to discover more running mail! I did a little dance.

My order came in from Under Armour and I got a new issue of Runner’s World! I added these to my other packages that arrived this week from Running Warehouse (Brooks PR skort) and Pro Compression. I even threw in my new Champion C9 sunglasses, Gu, and nuun (needed a cherry limeade refill already!) that I picked up today.

runningmailI’ll be giving a better run down of this running gear because it’s going to be part of my race kit for next weekend’s half marathon! I’m getting very excited!

Happy weekend everyone! Now it’s time to relax and rest for tomorrow’s 12 mile LSD run.

How was your Friday? Any big weekend plans?