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Sayonara, foot pain!

12 Sep

After the Camp Chingachgook Half Marathon (a MONTH ago?!), I mentioned that I was in need of a new pair of running shoes. My Brooks Pure Cadence had reached their peak mileage and it was sadly time to retire them. They were really a great shoe and I was bummed to read the not-so-stellar reviews for the updated version. While I procrastinated contemplated what shoe to buy next, I rocked my Saucony Mirage II. Unfortunately, the tendinitis creeping back into my foot was a tell-tale sign that those were not going to cut it either.

Based on reviews, recommendations, and shoe specs, I narrowed my options down to a few choices. After trying them on, I ultimately went with the Mizuno Wave Inspire 9. (Sorry, Brooks. Maybe some other time.)

When I put them on, I immediately felt the proper support, firmness, and control that my feet need. I also could not get wait to get home and go out for a brilliant run. After 4 miles with these babies, my decision was affirmed and I was in love.

In. Love.

In. Love.

Bonus: Their super lightness and bright colors make you feel at least 356 times faster and bad-assier. (Yup, new word.)

Even bigger bonus: After a couple of runs with these guys, my foot pain is saying, “Sayonara!” The tendinitis is easing away and I might get to save that KT Tape for some other time.

One of the really awesome things that helped me make my decision was this nifty Precision Fit tool that has you do a little test to determine your Running DNA and then recommends shoes that match your needs. Genius.

I’m looking forward to spending a lot of miles in with these beauties on my feet and something tells me I might have to buy several pairs when they go on sale.

Question: How do you know when your running shoes need to be retired?


Packing for a half marathon

9 Aug

Tonight will mark the first time I’ve ever slept in an unfamiliar bed the night before a race! That means I’ll have to pack anything and everything I think I might possibly maybe need just in case between now and the post-race drive back home. I am a firm believe in the “Just In Case Bag.” What’s that? An extra bag packed with stuff you might find yourself in need of. Maybe it’s because my mother (hi, Mom!) has espoused the motto of “Better safe than sorry” for as long as I can remember, or maybe it’s my own anxiety of being miles away when plans change or I suddenly think I’d prefer a different pair of shoes. When my husband and I were dating long distance, the Just In Case Bag became a staple in all of our travels. To this day, he asks if I need to pack one before we hit the road.

The answer is yes. Yes, I do.

We are heading up North tonight in preparation for tomorrow’s Camp Chingachgook Challenge Half Marathon and I’ve made to sure to pack everything I definitely need as well as things I might need. You know, just in case.

Here’s the stuff I need for tonight and for the race tomorrow:


That’s actually kind of a lot of stuff…

Just the essentials, of course. I’ve got a foam roller and Foot Rubz massage ball, pajamas, and toiletries for relaxing tonight. For race day, I’ve got my sunscreen, runglasses, #RunChat tattoo, Garmin watch, Body Glide, Brooks Pure Cadence shoes, Pro Compression Marathon Socks, Boston Strong BIC Band, Reebok tank, Brooks PR Skort, long sleeve shirt for the morning, Stride Box hydration bottle, nuun, Gu, Clif Builder’s Bar (for post-race), and Nathan Swift hydration belt. There’s chapstick and safety pins in the belt pocket. (Not pictured – sports bra and runderpants.)

The forecast is 60 degrees (F) and sunny at start time, moving up to 70 by the time the race ends.

Here’s what’s in the Just In Case Bag:


I mean, what if I change my mind?

There’s an extra race outfit and then some in there. Another Brooks skort, Under Armour tank top, Under Armour heat-gear t-shirt, extra sports bra, Smart Wool running socks, Under Armour loose capris (for relaxing, not racing), Saucony Mirage II’s, Runner’s World September issue, and yes….that’s an extra bag. Just in case I want to do the bag check. Not pictured are my other pair of Pro Compression Marathon socks because I’m wearing them.

And finally, here’s my collection of bags:


This is just for one day, guys.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything covered. I better, because we are actually on the road now and there’s no turning back now!

I still can’t believe I’m about to run a half marathon tomorrow. Even more so, the reality that it is my third within one year has not set in. This summer has been challenging for training and I’m worried I haven’t done enough hills this time around. Now is not the time to dwell on those things – it’s all about enjoying the run now and trusting my mind and body to carry me through.

Here goes…

Jog4Jugs Race Kit

10 May

The Jog4Jugs Half Marathon goes off tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM! I’m feeling all sorts of mixed emotions as the pre-race jitters have set in.

I’ve been obsessively checking the weather all week, hoping that the forecast for rain and thunderstorms was going to change. Unfortunately…there continue to be rain clouds and showers filling up the hourly forecast. Keeping my fingers crossed for a dry race.

As promised, here is my race kit!


  1. Under Armour Power in Pink Race for the Ribbon Heat Gear t-shirt
  2. Under Armour See Me Go Run hat (I bought this to keep the potential rain off my face)
  3. Nathan Swift hydration belt
  4. Brooks PR Mesh Skort II
  5. Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes
  6. C9 by Champion sunglasses
  7. Pro Compression Marathon socks
  8. Garmin Forerunner 110 (not pictured)

I might throw on a long sleeve tech shirt if it’s chilly and I’ve got a whole bag of dry clothes and shoes packed up for post-race warmth!

Other race essentials:


  1. Gu gels (I might pack 3 just in case)
  2. nuun tablets
  3. Designer Whey protein shake (for post-race)
  4. Body Glide anti-chafe stick
  5. Hammer Lips wintermint chapstick

We had a nice dinner of pasta with a side of multigrain ciabbata bread (carbs on carbs) and now it’s relaxation and stretching before an early bedtime.

Ready to race! (I think…)