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Fall 5 or 10 and Back to running

16 Aug

I am so excited to join up with Mommy Run Fast for a virtual race series that will go throughout the Fall. The idea is to run 5 or 10 miles by the 5th of each month starting in September and ending in December. You can run alone, with friends, on a trail, on the road, as part of a race, or with green eggs and ham. Any way you’d like! All you have to do is sign up and then add your results to the spreadsheet provided each month.

Prizes are awarded each month for really awesome items of running gear and fuel from well-known brands (such as Camelbak, FLIPBelt, Kind, Gaiam, LUTA, etc.). You don’t have to be the fastest at anything, you just have to get the miles in before the 5th!

There is an additional option of signing up for online group coaching, which gives you access to a private Facebook page, weekly strength and speed workouts, tips, and group support. ONLY $24! I signed right up for that. That will be perfect for helping me gain a little edge for my next half marathon in October.

Sound good to you? Check it out and let me know if you’re signing up!

Click the photo to sign up, too!

Wednesday was my first run following the half marathon on Saturday and my legs were still feeling a little sore. I sure am glad I followed my 3 Day Rest Rule! Some aches and pains in my feet signaled to take Thursday off, just in case. I really really don’t want to end up with another Mysterious Foot Injury, so I’m not pushing my luck.

The weather has been gorgeous lately! A little cooler with a breeze, but bright and sunny. It’s reminiscent of Fall, my favorite season.

sunset 8_14 rbb

Weather perfection

I logged 4 easy miles Wednesday evening and then made sure to stretch. Tonight, I headed out for another 4.5 miles and it feels like I’m loosening up, but I need to get in some foam rolling and maybe some cross training!


Seriously, this weather should stay like this all year round

I’m going to be rocking only my Saucony Mirage II’s for a while. My Brooks Pure Cadence are donezo. I could tell during the half marathon that they were at the end of their lifespan, so I’m not going to be using them for running anymore. Everything I’ve read about the updated Pure Cadence 2‘s has primarily been negative in contrast to the feedback for the 1’s, so I’m not going to get them. Running shoes are too expensive to just go buying them all willy-nilly. Guess I’ll have to check out reviews for similar styles.


My feet look tiny from this angle

Dear Brooks…feel free to send me some shoes to try out…

Happy weekend!


A bit of a rant and a good run

19 Feb

I’ve been contemplating posting about this for a little while and finally decided during last night’s run to just go ahead and say what’s on my mind. It’s just a minor rant, but one I think is relevant.

Like many others, I check out all sorts of blogs and articles related to running to learn as much as I can about this sport that I love – training programs, fuel, healthy eating, cross training workouts, injury prevention, gear, tips, etc., etc., etc. Generally the running community is very welcoming and encouraging. However, once in a while I come across something that’s not so supportive.

Recently, I was checking out some articles on the best gear for winter running and tips for staying warm in freezing temperatures. I initially thought, “Great! I’ll take notes!” But then the tone of said post(s) left me a bit discouraged. It was implied that anyone who buys and uses any running gear from low end brands (such as Target or Kohl’s) is essentially an amateur fool.

Excuuuuuse me?!

I have made it pretty clear that I own several pieces from the C9 by Champion line from Target. A couple I love (like the warm long sleeve half zips) and a couple that are “good enough for now” (such as the bright pink beanie that’s cute but needs to be adjusted constantly to stay on my ears). I purchased these items knowing that they probably wouldn’t last forever or surpass the quality of the other gear that requires a small investment. Paired with a couple of my higher quality pieces, they are working just fine, thank you.

20130116-205212.jpgOne of my 2 Target tops. They’ve kept me warm and dry all winter. Thankyouverymuch.

I would love to be able to afford an $85 long sleeve thermal or $100 subzero tights or $50 gloves from brands I love like Mizuno, Brooks, and Saucony. In fact, items like that are on my ever growing running gear wish list. Unfortunately, I do not get paid to run nor have a sponsorship with an apparel company (maybe someday? no?). I have other financial responsibilities that have to take precedence over a coveted pair of thermal tights with the built-in butt warmers. Oh, I’ll get them. I just might have to wait until next season.

It can be hard enough sometimes to justify registering for a race (those get expensive real fast!). I can’t imagine I am the only one who feels this way or has a similar experience with a modest running budget.

Just because I’ve got a Champion top under my Saucony jacket does not make me any less of a runner or more of a fool than anyone else. 

Ok, end of rant.

If you’ve made it all the way down here, thanks for sticking it out. I’ll reward you by telling you about last night’s run!

One prominent thought came up while I was out on the road: I’m terrible at judging my pace based on feel alone. I felt like I was super slow and must be around 9:30, checked my Garmin – wrong, 8:30 pace. Hmm. Then I felt like I was flying and checked – 9:20 pace. Wrong again. Conclusion: If I’m ever going for a target pace or a tempo run, I need my Garmin firmly attached to my wrist. I’m OK with that, though.

Regardless, this run felt gooood. 

5.1 miles | 45:37 total time | 8:57 avg pace

Questions for anyone:

Are you hitting up the Target clearance rack with me?

How are you at judging your pace without a watch?

Run. Lunch. Hair. Shop.

18 Jan


Today was very cold, yet sunny. My favorite winter running weather! I lot of my friends thought I was nuts for running outside this morning, but I stayed pretty warm with all of this gear on:

I have to say, the Under Armour tights are pretty amazing! I wore them by themselves and they stood up to the cold pretty well (until I stopped moving). My upper body was actually quite toasty, so I’m thinking that shirt and jacket combo is a solid choice throughout the rest of the cold weather. The neck gaiter worked out well and kept my neck and lower face warm, I’m glad I bought it! The rest of my face was a little cold until I approached the first mile, but I don’t think I’m going to be sporting a ski mask any time soon. Maybe a beanie (hmm…more SmartWool?).


The workout: 2.4 miles | 20:03 total time | 8:25 avg pace

20130118-184607.jpgEllie guarding my (dirty) running clothes


I met up with my best friend for a little lunch and some (much needed) girl talk. It was a great day for soup, so I got a cup of white chicken chili. The seasonal bagel was cranberry walnut, so I couldn’t pass that up. To get my caffeine fix, I had a nonfat sugar-free hazelnut latte.  20130118-183441.jpg


After lunch, I headed to the salon for a long overdue haircut. It had been over 3 months since my last one, so my hair was getting a little ragged un-fabulous. Since I’m pretty much famous for my hair, I had a responsibility to take care of that mess. I feel like a new woman now! I promise promise to stick to my 8 week appointment next time. Cross my heart.20130118-183450.jpg


The next stop was my weekly trip to Target (obsessed?). They are having a super clearance on women’s clothes and activewear, but I didn’t find anything I wanted in my size. Bummer. I did find other fun clearance items to try – TRESemme Fresh Start dry shampoo, Suave Keratin hair serum, Yes to Carrots body butter, and an e.l.f. eye shadow brush.


The artwork was very much not on sale, but I had to buy it. My husband is really into photography and he collects vintage cameras. We even used them as props for our engagement shoot and incorporated them into our wedding theme.     AND today is our 8 monthiversary. See…it was meant to be!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Friday! 🙂