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30 Dec

During my run the day after Christmas, I came upon this sunset and couldn’t help but reflect on the season. After a wonderful holiday with family, I find myself feeling incredibly grateful for the true gifts that make life so worthwhile – the kind that you don’t unwrap but get to carry in your heart always. Sunset 12_26The more I thought about the past year, the more my heart grew in gratitude. Of course, each year brings its personal challenges and 2013 was certainly no exception. However, those challenges pale in comparison to the abundant triumphs and blessings. From the everyday to the extraordinary, this year has been full of things to be thankful for.

2013 brought an anniversary to celebrate the first year of a marriage that continues to grow stronger day by day.

loveletters rbb

The first of many, many happy years to come.

Multiple running goals set and surpassed, including 3 half marathons, many PR’s, and new race distances tackled.

3 Half Marathons this year!

3 Half Marathons this year!

An unforgettable trip to various cities in Italy.

So many incredible moments in Italy!

So many incredible moments in Italy!

And countless precious moments in between.

It's the little things...

It’s the little things.

It’s been a great year.

It's been a good year.

Looking forward to what else is in store!

As the sun sets on this year, I will take only what is important and necessary from the challenges I faced and leave the rest behind. I will treasure all that was wonderful in 2013 and continue to focus on gratitude and enjoying the present moment in the year to come.


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My body is still on vacation

4 Nov

Hello again, friends! We’ve been back from Italy for several days now and it’s starting to feel like life is getting back to normal (AKA: We are finally able to keep ourselves awake past 8:30 PM). The trip was incredible and there is SO much to tell everyone, so I will be writing about it in parts. For now, here’s a little teaser:

Hanging out on the Island of Capri

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to fit my running shoes into my little suitcase. That means I went a solid two weeks without running at all. We certainly walked several miles or more a day, but the only running involved was to catch a train or avoid being hit by a scooter.

My first run back was an easy 3 miles to loosen up my legs and get back into the swing of things. Since this went well, I was hoping to get back on track pretty quickly.


I had decided I to go for 5 miles on Sunday for my November entry for the Fall 5 or 10 Virtual Race Series. After so much time off, 10 miles just didn’t seem realistic.

Late in the afternoon, I geared up. Yeah, that’s right. The weather went and got all cold while we were enjoying the 75 degree (F) sunshine in Italy. With temps below 40 (F), I had to pull out the compression tights and thermal jacket!

The cold weather is coming…

This run was no fun at all. I felt sluggish and uncomfortable the whole time. My legs just wouldn’t go any faster than a 10:00/mile pace (which is not typical for me) and my body seemed to still be on vacation. I really struggled to stick with it and if it wasn’t for the Fall 5 or 10, I probably would’ve just given up.

I finished in 50:40, much slower than my previous 5 mile entry of 39:17. What a difference a vacay makes?

At least I got to see the beautiful colors of the pond at sunset…

Autumn twilight

I’m registered for the Stockadeathon 15K on Sunday and if this run is any indication, I’ll be taking that one easy.

Question: How do you get back into running after vacation?

Not every run is awesome

7 Oct

It’s half marathon week! That means two big things – 1) tapering and 2) carbo-loading! This morning I started to feel the twinge of pre-race giddiness. I’m very excited to be running the Mohawk Hudson Half Marathon for the second time. This race holds a special little place in my heart because it was my very first half last year. This time around it will be my fourth! I still can’t believe how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned since then. But, that’s a post for another day.

Today, I’m focusing on recapping my second entry into the Fall 5 or 10 Virtual Race Series. This month, I chose to run 10 miles as my entry.

You may often hear read here at run+breathe+be that running is the most amazing thing in the world and I love it. That’s usually the case, but sometimes – I’m less than thrilled with a run or feel downright miserable.

That’s because not every run is awesome.

There. I said it.

Yes, sometimes running sucks. And if I’m being honest here, which I usually am, Saturday’s 10 miler wasn’t awesome. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t awful and I didn’t vomit (thankfully), but I wasn’t loving it.

It actually felt harder than my fantastic 15.5 mile run of fabulousness last weekend. I don’t know if my head just wasn’t in it or if I was more tired than usual, but my pace was all over and I had to fight for a few of the miles.

The stats – 10.03 miles | 1:26:39 total time | 8:38 avg pace

All in all it made for an OK last long run before the half marathon, so I won’t write it off. Isn’t also true that if you have a mediocre long run, the next one is always 1000 times better?!

Well, I sure hope so. 🙂

Question: What was your last less than awesome run?