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Jog4Jugs Race Kit

10 May

The Jog4Jugs Half Marathon goes off tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM! I’m feeling all sorts of mixed emotions as the pre-race jitters have set in.

I’ve been obsessively checking the weather all week, hoping that the forecast for rain and thunderstorms was going to change. Unfortunately…there continue to be rain clouds and showers filling up the hourly forecast. Keeping my fingers crossed for a dry race.

As promised, here is my race kit!


  1. Under Armour Power in Pink Race for the Ribbon Heat Gear t-shirt
  2. Under Armour See Me Go Run hat (I bought this to keep the potential rain off my face)
  3. Nathan Swift hydration belt
  4. Brooks PR Mesh Skort II
  5. Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes
  6. C9 by Champion sunglasses
  7. Pro Compression Marathon socks
  8. Garmin Forerunner 110 (not pictured)

I might throw on a long sleeve tech shirt if it’s chilly and I’ve got a whole bag of dry clothes and shoes packed up for post-race warmth!

Other race essentials:


  1. Gu gels (I might pack 3 just in case)
  2. nuun tablets
  3. Designer Whey protein shake (for post-race)
  4. Body Glide anti-chafe stick
  5. Hammer Lips wintermint chapstick

We had a nice dinner of pasta with a side of multigrain ciabbata bread (carbs on carbs) and now it’s relaxation and stretching before an early bedtime.

Ready to race! (I think…)


The last miles I will run…until Saturday

8 May

Hold on to your hats, friends! You’re about to read a very exciting boring blog post!

I would like to take a moment and give some serious props to my husband for making this giant dish of baked deliciousness:

mac and cheese

It was the creamiest, cheesiest baked mac and cheese I’ve ever experienced. I’d share the recipe, but Mark hid it from me so I couldn’t see the nutrition facts. Apparently, just looking at the ingredients will cause a clogged artery. Tasty!

Today was my last taper run before the Jog4Jugs Half Marathon. I did an easy 2 miles in the early morning sunshine and I was totally naked (ah hem, that means no Garmin and no iPhone). Last night, I was having a little soreness in my metatarsals (remember that ol’ MFI?) so I have been wearing my compression socks for extra support. I almost slept in them…

2miletaper wmEasy peasy.

Ellie was waiting patiently for me at the back door:

ellie waitsWhen I got to work, I had key lime pie for breakfast.

photo 4

Well…sort of. When you add graham crackers to yogurt it instantly turns to pie. I also recommend adding graham crackers to banana Chobani. Banana cream pie for breakfast. Boom.

To be sure my feet got all the TLC they needed, I wore my compression socks to work. As you can see, they went perfectly with my professional outfit.

socks at workIt must have been a good idea because the soreness has subsided. Maybe I should wear them every day…

Thanks for making it all the way down here without falling asleep, you’re a trooper. Isn’t taper week super exciting?!

What was the most exciting thing about your Wednesday?

Running free on Friday

3 May

If you’re like me, you have a theme song for pretty much everything. Today, I give you my theme for Fridays. This starts to play in my head Thursday night because I currently do not work on Fridays. It is my day to do what I want!

I started the day with a gorgeous naked run. That’s right, friends. I ran without any tracking device! No Garmin, no iPhone app, not even music. It was just me and my shoes hitting the pavement with the sun shining and the birds chirping.


Beautiful. ūüôā


If I recall correctly from other times I’ve run this route, it was just under 4 miles. It felt freeing to be disconnected from gadgets and just run.

I ran a bunch of errands today (you know, the usual – Target, Trader Joe’s, Fleet Feet) and was very happy to discover more running mail! I did a little dance.

My order came in from Under Armour and I got a new issue of Runner’s World! I added these to my other packages that arrived this week from Running Warehouse¬†(Brooks PR skort) and Pro Compression. I even threw in my new Champion C9 sunglasses, Gu, and nuun¬†(needed a cherry limeade refill already!)¬†that I picked up today.

runningmailI’ll be giving a better run down of this running gear because it’s going to be part of my race kit for next weekend’s half marathon! I’m getting very excited!

Happy weekend everyone! Now it’s time to relax and rest for tomorrow’s 12 mile LSD run.

How was your Friday? Any big weekend plans?