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You’ve got mail! And other stuff, too.

4 Apr

Getting mail is on the short list for my favorite things in life. Whenever I get a package, card, or something fun in the mail, I immediately start singing this song in my head:

(What can I say? I used to spend a lot of time with my younger cousins who were really into Blue’s Clues back in the day.)

So when I got home last night to this beautiful sight on the back porch, I wagged my tail jumped for joy.



I was very excited to see that my long-awaited package of Chobani Bite had arrived! This was sent courtesy of the awesome Chobanians who read my post a few weeks ago (where I mentioned not being able to find it anywhere local) and graciously offered to send me a complimentary box. I’m really digging the pineapple/caramel combo. There are also fig/orange and raspberry/dark chocolate flavors to try.


Thanks, Chobani!

(Don’t tell, but I did end up finding the Bites hidden away at Target. I only tried one flavor, I swear.)

In the other package was my recent order from Running Warehouse. I used leftover money from a giftcard to get an add-on bottle for my new Nathan hydration belt and a tube of the NEW Cherry Limeade nuun. I’m really looking forward to trying out this nuun flavor because 1) it’s caffeine enhanced and 2) it’s not Kona Cola (ehhhh).


Gotta stay hydrated!

I added the Cherry Limeade to my existing nuun collection:


Kona Cola, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Lemonade, Cherry Limeade

What was waiting for me in the mailbox today? The new issue of Runner’s World with the inspirational Kara Goucher gracing the cover! I’m so jazzed to read the article featuring her and Shalane Flanagan that I’m not even going to finish April’s issue before diving in! I know, I’m such a badass nerd, I might as well have bragged about an overdue library book.


Required weekend reading.

This didn’t arrive this week but since I’m talking about mail, I didn’t want to leave these guys out. Because I am so awesome and did this, Dave at #RunChat mailed me some cool swag.


Shipping confirmations for a couple of other running-related items have also hit my inbox, so I’ll be singing the mail song again very soon!

Oh yeah, that other stuff…

I tried the Berry Veggie Naked juice with lunch. Not my favorite. But that tuna salad on German marble rye was pretty delicious.


Berry weird.

My feet have gotten used to my Brooks Pure Cadence and I am loving the way they feel on my runs.


Yesterday we spent 3 beautiful miles together. This run wasn’t intended to be a tempo run, but it kind of accidentally became a progressively speedy session. So I just sort of sprinted to the end…


While I was writing this post, Adele decided to start hug-attacking my foot. She was really into my fuzzy socks. She’s so weird sometimes…


And lastly, I gave my blog a new look for Spring. Did you notice? Hopefully the bright colors and sunny header photo tricks the weather into being warm soon.


This week’s highlights

22 Mar

There have been many running-related things swirling through my mind this week and once I get my thoughts together there will be a couple of great posts coming up. I can feel it.

Life gets pretty busy for us, especially considering I work 40 hours Monday through Thursday and Mark works 55+ (including Saturdays) during tax season and there is always something going on on weekends. Sometimes it seems I end up with a long list of topics I want to blog about but run out of time to really develop these ideas and write about them. I think I’m going to start writing a bunch of things ahead of time. Or maybe voice record them in the car or on long runs. How crazy would I look if I was talking to myself while running?

Here are a couple of highlights from this week.

When you don’t have any croutons or oyster crackers for your soup…why not use Trader Joe’s Multigrain O’s? That was exactly what I was thinking and I tried it with TJ’s carrot ginger soup. Turns out it is an AMAZING idea. I might even dare say it ranks with that idea Mark had about making Speculoos cookie butter sandwiches.


All this soup and no crackers


Hey, these are kind of like crackers…


Soup and crunch perfection.

I’ve been trying more and more of the Naked juices and I’ve decided I’m most definitely a fan. I was having a lot of stomach issues this week and tried the Probiotic Machine. It tasted great and seemed to help ease the tummy troubles, so I will put it on my grocery list in the future.


System reboot

Brooks recently released new shoe updates for 2013 and you know what that means? Last year’s model goes on SALE! I hear so many great things about Brooks products that I have been contemplating trying out the Pure Project line of shoes. I have a problem with overpronation and the Pure Cadence seemed like just the ticket. I was a little slow to discover they were all on sale, but I was lucky enough to snag a pair in my size from Dick’s. They just arrived today!

I immediately put them on to run errands and I’m pretty sure I’m already in love with them. Brooks describes the support technology as “holding your foot like an endless hug” and I can honestly say that is exactly what it feels like! I’m looking forward to taking them on their first run tomorrow morning.


Brooks Pure Cadence and I are about to be BFFs

Overall, this week’s runs and workouts have been great even with a big snow storm. I already told you about Monday’s 4 mile run, but here’s the others.

Keeping up with the Mile a Day in March challenge, I ran a quick mile Tuesday night and then Mark joined me Thursday night for another mile. I think my efforts to turn him into a runner might be working because he hasn’t even tried to find reasons not to run with me when I ask him.

Wednesday night’s run was at sunset and I felt pretty strong. I even powered up a hill for the #RunChatHunt.

4.58 miles | 40:07 total time | 8:46 avg pace


Sunset run by the pond

Today’s run had me feeling less than great, so I ended up cutting it a little shorter than I had originally planned. I’m not sure what it was today but it was just not as into it. Maybe it was because I was bummed that new shoes hadn’t arrived by the time I hit the road!

3.12 miles | 28:52 total time | 9:15 avg pace

I’m still working on my core and doing my lolofit circuit a few times a week. I’m feeling stronger each time! I know it is helping me be a stronger runner overall and I’m noticing some positive changes.

I’ve got the racing bug, so I spent some time today checking out local races for April. Once I make some final decisions I’ll share my plans.

Happy Weekend!

Let’s get sweaty and Naked

27 Feb

Ha! Get your mind out of the gutter, this is a running blog.

Today’s wintry-mixy weather meant an after work treadmill run for this girl. I hit up the gym for 3 quick miles while I watched the Big Bang Theory without any sound (fun times). Like I mentioned yesterday, I get sweaty pretty easily. When I have to run inside, the sweat factor increases exponentially. Seriously – at mile 2, I could barely keep my left eye open due to sweat drops gone rogue. I also had mascara all over my face when I checked the mirror in the locker room. I’m obviously one of the cool kids.


I followed up the run with another 8 minute core workout. I’ve been working the abs fairly consistently for about 4 weeks and I’m really starting to see a difference. My core is stronger and my tummy is flattening. I find this very exciting! Maybe when my six pack grows in I’ll snap a photo for you. Maybe.

I tried the Naked green machine today. To be honest, I was a little intimidated by this green juice after reading all of the fruits and veggies listed (what the H is spirulina?!), but the label is accurate. It looks weird and tastes amazing!

20130227-213536.jpgI was really craving soup for dinner tonight, so I had a bowl of TJ’s carrot ginger soup with the Reduced Guilt sea salt pita chips crumbled in. It made a pretty yumtastic combo!

20130227-213542.jpgOn a funny note, hubby and I came across this video the other day and I thought it was pretty funny and wanted to pass it along.


(It’s funny because it’s truuuueee)