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Random post of randomness

3 Sep

Let’s start with today’s run:

3.24 miles / 27:56 total time / 8:37 avg pace

I took two days off after Saturday’s long run in an effort to prevent the soreness in my left foot from turning into another serious case of tendinitis. I kept this morning’s effort to a fairly comfortable pace, massaged my foot with the Foot Rubz ball, and have a heat patch on the area. I am planning to do my 5 mile run for the Fall 5 or 10 tomorrow, so I’m hoping to keep the soreness at bay.

I also did this little 8 Minute Abs video that Hungry Runner Girl has been mentioning for months. It’s a decent little workout and the outfits are a sure thing for a good laugh.

And now for the randomness…

I totally flaked on saying anything about the July Stride Box and August has come and gone. To make amends for that, I figured I could at least show you a really blurry photo of August’s contents. It came with a really cool towel that I really need to start using after those humid runs! (P.S, If you’re trying to figure out what one of the products is and can’t make it out, just let me know and I’ll tell you!)

August Stride Box

August Stride Box

Ever since the big announcement about our trip to Italy next month, I’ve been gathering versatile items that are easy to wear in multiple ways. Here are the latest finds:

Target maxi dress, on clearance for $14.98

Target maxi dress, on clearance for $14.98

I searched high and low for shoes that are made for walking but could be worn casual or dressy. Mission finally accomplished.

Clarks Propose Pixie in black leather, found on Amazon $74.95

Clarks Propose Pixie in black leather, found on Amazon $74.95

We woke up Sunday morning to discover that a big tree branch fell on my car during a storm that blew through overnight. The hood is pretty smashed on the passenger side, but it’s drivable, fixable, and most importantly, no one was hurt. Too bad it wasn’t this kind of tree:


For good measure, I’ll throw in a couple of photos of the cats from this holiday weekend:


Adele just hangin’ around


Ellie helping me fold laundry (AKA stealing socks)

If you’re reading this, tell me one random thing about your weekend or day!


The last miles I will run…until Saturday

8 May

Hold on to your hats, friends! You’re about to read a very exciting boring blog post!

I would like to take a moment and give some serious props to my husband for making this giant dish of baked deliciousness:

mac and cheese

It was the creamiest, cheesiest baked mac and cheese I’ve ever experienced. I’d share the recipe, but Mark hid it from me so I couldn’t see the nutrition facts. Apparently, just looking at the ingredients will cause a clogged artery. Tasty!

Today was my last taper run before the Jog4Jugs Half Marathon. I did an easy 2 miles in the early morning sunshine and I was totally naked (ah hem, that means no Garmin and no iPhone). Last night, I was having a little soreness in my metatarsals (remember that ol’ MFI?) so I have been wearing my compression socks for extra support. I almost slept in them…

2miletaper wmEasy peasy.

Ellie was waiting patiently for me at the back door:

ellie waitsWhen I got to work, I had key lime pie for breakfast.

photo 4

Well…sort of. When you add graham crackers to yogurt it instantly turns to pie. I also recommend adding graham crackers to banana Chobani. Banana cream pie for breakfast. Boom.

To be sure my feet got all the TLC they needed, I wore my compression socks to work. As you can see, they went perfectly with my professional outfit.

socks at workIt must have been a good idea because the soreness has subsided. Maybe I should wear them every day…

Thanks for making it all the way down here without falling asleep, you’re a trooper. Isn’t taper week super exciting?!

What was the most exciting thing about your Wednesday?

You’ve got mail! And other stuff, too.

4 Apr

Getting mail is on the short list for my favorite things in life. Whenever I get a package, card, or something fun in the mail, I immediately start singing this song in my head:

(What can I say? I used to spend a lot of time with my younger cousins who were really into Blue’s Clues back in the day.)

So when I got home last night to this beautiful sight on the back porch, I wagged my tail jumped for joy.



I was very excited to see that my long-awaited package of Chobani Bite had arrived! This was sent courtesy of the awesome Chobanians who read my post a few weeks ago (where I mentioned not being able to find it anywhere local) and graciously offered to send me a complimentary box. I’m really digging the pineapple/caramel combo. There are also fig/orange and raspberry/dark chocolate flavors to try.


Thanks, Chobani!

(Don’t tell, but I did end up finding the Bites hidden away at Target. I only tried one flavor, I swear.)

In the other package was my recent order from Running Warehouse. I used leftover money from a giftcard to get an add-on bottle for my new Nathan hydration belt and a tube of the NEW Cherry Limeade nuun. I’m really looking forward to trying out this nuun flavor because 1) it’s caffeine enhanced and 2) it’s not Kona Cola (ehhhh).


Gotta stay hydrated!

I added the Cherry Limeade to my existing nuun collection:


Kona Cola, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Lemonade, Cherry Limeade

What was waiting for me in the mailbox today? The new issue of Runner’s World with the inspirational Kara Goucher gracing the cover! I’m so jazzed to read the article featuring her and Shalane Flanagan that I’m not even going to finish April’s issue before diving in! I know, I’m such a badass nerd, I might as well have bragged about an overdue library book.


Required weekend reading.

This didn’t arrive this week but since I’m talking about mail, I didn’t want to leave these guys out. Because I am so awesome and did this, Dave at #RunChat mailed me some cool swag.


Shipping confirmations for a couple of other running-related items have also hit my inbox, so I’ll be singing the mail song again very soon!

Oh yeah, that other stuff…

I tried the Berry Veggie Naked juice with lunch. Not my favorite. But that tuna salad on German marble rye was pretty delicious.


Berry weird.

My feet have gotten used to my Brooks Pure Cadence and I am loving the way they feel on my runs.


Yesterday we spent 3 beautiful miles together. This run wasn’t intended to be a tempo run, but it kind of accidentally became a progressively speedy session. So I just sort of sprinted to the end…


While I was writing this post, Adele decided to start hug-attacking my foot. She was really into my fuzzy socks. She’s so weird sometimes…


And lastly, I gave my blog a new look for Spring. Did you notice? Hopefully the bright colors and sunny header photo tricks the weather into being warm soon.