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It’s about time I told you…

18 Aug

I’ve been keeping something very exciting from you for months now. Not because it needs to be a secret, but because I wanted to wait until it finally felt real for me. Now that it is exactly two months away, the realness has hit.

We are traveling to ITALY in October!

That’s right, the Friday after my second running of the Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon, I will be on a plane with my husband and our friend/personal travel guide for 10 days of food, wine, and history. We’re starting in Florence, heading to Rome, and then finishing in Sorrento.

Both of our families have ties to Italy, so we are very excited to be in the country our ancestors emigrated from. Also, we can’t wait to taste the food, sip the wine, and soak in the culture!

We have declared a “Carry-On Challenge” and are only packing what we can each fit in a carry-on and handbag. If you recall my confession about the Just In Case Bag, you will understand how much of a challenge this will be for me! I have been collecting versatile items that can be worn multiple ways to keep my packing light. I need things that easily go from plane to train to street as well as museum to church to dinner. This means I most likely won’t be able to pack any running gear, so chances are there won’t be any international running going on (boo).One of the things I just bought are a pair of denim leggings and I’m already loving them.

Why did I wait so long to buy these?!

Why did I wait so long to buy these?!

Don’t worry, I will be showing you my Italy wardrobe and packing skills and tips! You’re welcome in advance.

In other news, I ran 6.5 miles today at an average pace of 8:46/mile and it felt great. I think my legs are back to normal after the half last weekend. I’ve got eight weeks until the MHR half marathon and my plan is to improve upon last year’s effort. Considering I ran a similar time on a much more challenging course, I’m hoping I’ll crush that goal! This means I’ll be kicking my training into a higher gear and getting more serious about strength, cross, and speed training. I’m still keeping that 14-year-old in my sights for a 5K, too (next try TBD). The Fall 5 or 10 by the 5th Virtual Race Series hosted by Mommy Run Fast will surely keep me on track!

So many exciting things happening in the coming months, so stick around!


A new goal…

28 May

Now that the busiest part of May has passed (you know, almost all of it), I can finally tell you all about my new goal.

A couple of weeks before the Jog4Jugs Half Marathon, I decided to dig up my old cross country records from freshman year of high school. I wasn’t able to find much online since they probably start deleting that stuff off the servers after a bazillion years, but I found a snippet from an invitational meet.

In 1999, I ran a 5K in 22:02.

My current PR as an adult runner is 23:19.


And they say your biggest competition is yourself…

So what’s my new goal?

I am going to beat my 14-year-old self.

It may not be this Saturday at the Freihofer’s 5K (especially with over 4,000 other women running and a 90F degree weather forecast…) or even this Summer. But I WILL do it.

When I ran XC in high school, I used to imagine targets on the back of runners ahead of me as motivation. My 14-year-old self now has a target on her back.

I know I can shave 1:30 off my 5K time, I just need to make a plan and stick with it! Here goes…

Any advice from you speedy runners?

Running Resolutions for 2013

1 Jan


I’m not big on setting New Year’s resolutions because I believe change can happen any time of year, but it seemed appropriate this time around. A lot of great things happened for me in 2012 – getting married to the love of my life, starting a new professional endeavor, and running my first half-marathon, to name a few. Here are the things I would like to focus on in regards to running in 2013:

1. Eat healthier and more runner-friendly. I’m not looking to make drastic changes like becoming a raw-tarian, but I would like to be more conscious of my food choices so I can be healthier, leaner, and stronger. I’m starting with going back to eating less excess sugar (I was most definitely a cookie monster this holiday season).

2. Run at least 2 half-marathons this year. Now that I’ve run one, why not? I loved the experience and feel two would be twice as fun!

3. Better yet, run more races overall. Besides the half-marathon, I only ran a couple of 5K’s in 2012. I’d like to bump that up this year and sign up for a few more this time around. I’d like to get some variety with adding a 10K and 15K, too.

4. Be consistent with strength training. I have to admit, I’m a slacker when it comes to getting in strength training.  I know it’s an important component of being a strong runner, so I aim to make it a regular part of my running routine and sticking to it.

5. Be more active in running clubs. I’m a member of two local running clubs, but I haven’t really taken advantage of the full benefits (read: group runs, banquets, open meetings, volunteering, etc.). I’d like to be more involved this year and hopefully make some new runner friends.

6. Find a regular running buddy. Running alone can be great, but it can be lonely and boring at times. It’d be great to have someone to plan runs with regularly or to have running dates once in a while.

7. Take good care of my body. I will work on increasing awareness to my body’s needs and take better measures to prevent injuries.

8. Just keep going. This was my mantra during training and running the half-marathon and I will just extend it and make it this year’s theme.

Most importantly, I will remain realistic and flexible in my expectations and goals as I look forward to another year of running. Pretty soon I will be back on the road again and I can’t wait to get moving!

Happy New Year and best wishes on your goals for 2013!