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RunFree4Me Recap

3 Jun

If you’ve been tuning in to my blog, you know that throughout the month of May, I participated in the Run Free For Me Challenge hosted by Cori of Olive to Run. Now that it’s a wrap, I wanted to share my experience with running sans tracking devices for (nearly) a whole month.

First, I have to be honest. The chance to win a pair of Brooks running shoes was the initial motivation for joining up. (Um, hello.) However, the challenge quickly became much more than that as I started to enjoy tech-free runs again and began to reacquaint myself with…myself.

runfreeforme3Not every run I went on in May was “naked,” but a majority of them were. That was one thing I really liked about this challenge – flexibility! There was no pressure to post a run every single day and there were no Run Free Police showing up on your route to make sure you truly left your GPS behind.

Sometimes I ran without ANY technology whatsoever (including music) and a couple of times I ran with the mapymyrun app going on and didn’t check it until after I finished my run.

photo 2During these free runs, I tuned in. Instead of looking at my wrist every few minutes to check my pace or distance, I paid attention to my body and to the world around me.

I gained self-awareness by seeing and feeling my form, changing pace based on what my body was telling me, and finishing my run when I felt like finishing or when I reached my destination. Being completely present with my running was the ultimate meditation in motion.

photo 6I enhanced my connection with nature by taking in the sights, sounds, and weather and appreciated my surroundings.

embracetherainI ran at various times and in various places, on the road and on the trail.

photo 3If I was looking down at my wrist instead of all around me, I could have missed so many beautiful sights.

nakedrun rbbOne pretty incredible thing that I noticed is that when I did measure my pace (invisibly) toward the end of the challenge, I had gotten faster. My comfortable pace had changed in a positive way! I can’t say for certain if this was due to releasing myself of the psychological attachment to running stats, but I won’t discount that theory. After all, others have reported similar results, so I guess anything’s possible!

photo 4Although I have really appreciated the insight into myself and my running that this challenge has given me, I am ready to rekindle my relationship with my Garmin 110. Things have certainly changed between us. It’s no longer a love affair and I won’t be depending on it as much as I used to.

We’re better off as friends, anyway.


A few quotes from the linked article to meditate on this week:

“Wearing technology while running intrudes on the mind’s attempt to give itself over to the body.”– Ben Agger, Ph.D., author of Body Problems: Running and Living Long in a Fast-Food Society

“As much as numbers sometimes motivate us, they sometimes limit us. We all have this number in our head—we think we can’t perform well unless we’re at that exact spot, and we limit ourselves to that number.”– Jessica Underhill, Fit Chick in the City

“…But by blinding yourself to the various digits, you might push past your own barriers and discover another level of running.” – Jenn Miller, Runner’s World

Happy running!


Jog4Jugs Race Kit

10 May

The Jog4Jugs Half Marathon goes off tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM! I’m feeling all sorts of mixed emotions as the pre-race jitters have set in.

I’ve been obsessively checking the weather all week, hoping that the forecast for rain and thunderstorms was going to change. Unfortunately…there continue to be rain clouds and showers filling up the hourly forecast. Keeping my fingers crossed for a dry race.

As promised, here is my race kit!


  1. Under Armour Power in Pink Race for the Ribbon Heat Gear t-shirt
  2. Under Armour See Me Go Run hat (I bought this to keep the potential rain off my face)
  3. Nathan Swift hydration belt
  4. Brooks PR Mesh Skort II
  5. Brooks Pure Cadence running shoes
  6. C9 by Champion sunglasses
  7. Pro Compression Marathon socks
  8. Garmin Forerunner 110 (not pictured)

I might throw on a long sleeve tech shirt if it’s chilly and I’ve got a whole bag of dry clothes and shoes packed up for post-race warmth!

Other race essentials:


  1. Gu gels (I might pack 3 just in case)
  2. nuun tablets
  3. Designer Whey protein shake (for post-race)
  4. Body Glide anti-chafe stick
  5. Hammer Lips wintermint chapstick

We had a nice dinner of pasta with a side of multigrain ciabbata bread (carbs on carbs) and now it’s relaxation and stretching before an early bedtime.

Ready to race! (I think…)

LSD and sunshine

4 May

I’m writing this post from the road as Mark and I are on our way out of town for the night. Hopefully this works!

This morning we headed out for my last Long Slow Distance run before next weekend’s half marathon. Mark rode along on his bike again.
photo 1wmIt is a gorgeous sunny day and I got to put my Brooks PR Mesh Skort and C9 by Champion runglasses to the test.
runglasses wmTotally approve!

Mark didn’t bring his fancy DSLR camera with him, but he still got a couple of nice action shots!away wmAt about mile 5.5 we saw this white bike, which is actually a memorial. (Sorry for the foggy shot, my iPhone was in my pocket and got a little steamy.)ghostbike wmghostbikeplaque wmforward wmHonestly, this running skirt is amazing. The compression shorts underneath have rubber on the hems. They. Did. Not. Move. I want 10 more of these skirts, please! The only thing that would make them better is a couple of belt loops so I don’t have to safety pin my hydration belt to myself.runandsmile wmThis time, I tried to focus on starting out slower and building a little speed after the halfway point for a negative split. The last 1.5 miles were tough, but I think waiting too long to take another Gu gel had something to do with that. I took one at mile 5 and then at mile 10. splits 5_4Overall a great run in the sun and now it’s time to focus on tapering, carbo-loading, and rest!