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Race Recap: Firefly 5K

7 Aug

On Saturday, I ran in my first ever twilight race – the Firefly5 5K! Mark and I met up with a bunch of our friends, who also participated in either the walking or running division. Since there were several of us there, I was able to recover a few photos!


Firefly with friends!

The event began with the Firefly5 Festival, an all day carnival with family friendly vendors, food, and entertainment. Some of the fun included BBQ, beer, cupcakes, crafts, pet adoption, bands, bouncy houses, laser tag, games, massages, and s’mores. There were actually far fewer vendors there than expected, but it was still a neat little festival. We all met up, walked around, and had something to eat a few hours before the race. I even got a mini-massage that felt ahhhhmazing.

Prior to the walk/run, there was a Zumba warmup. A couple of the girls and I joined in to get our hearts pumping and wake our muscles up. I had fun trying to awkwardly match the footwork. (It’s been over a year since my last round of Zumba!) I thought this was a fun way to get everyone moving and pass the time before the main event.

Zumba time

Zumba time

This was actually Mark’s first officially timed 5K! He had originally made a goal for himself when he was running with me a little while back, but had to adjust that due to switching his focus to the Insanity program. Since I have had so many opportunities (with more to come) to go for my own 5K goal, I offered to stay with him and pace him. Despite having to take a short break about halfway through due to stomach issues (read: beer and pulled pork are not great pre-race fuel), he did awesome! We came in together at 28:54. I’m so proud of him!

By the time we all finished, it was finally dark enough to glow!

We glow in the dark

We glow in the dark

One of the coolest parts of this event was the laser light show at the end! It was way more rad than any fireworks I’ve seen and I feel like I could’ve watched for hours.

Lasers in the sky!

Lasers in the sky!

Overall, this was a fun and worthwhile event that I’d consider doing again. More vendors and games might improve the carnival experience, though.

As far as night time racing, the jury is still out for me. It was definitely a little challenging to wait around until 8:00 PM to race! We were on the go all day and ate less than favorable pre-race food (birthday cake, BBQ, beer, etc), which interfered with performance. In a more serious race, I’d be making different choices throughout the day in preparation. I’d have to try another night time race at a different distance before deciding if it’s for me or not!

What do you think about night time races?


Another group run and my modeling debut

7 Mar

Last night, the runiverse was working in my favor and I was able to join the ARE once again for another group run. When I showed up for the season’s last Chilly Willy run, I was met by about 30 other runners, many of which I met on Saturday’s fruns as well as plenty of new faces. Once it seemed like everyone was there, we headed out for a big loop around the neighborhood and nearby SUNY Albany campus.

There are so many things I enjoy about running with other people. It’s a great way to get to know others who enjoy running and being active, conversation really makes the runs go by faster, it increases motivation, you can work on pacing by teaming up with someone a little faster/slower, it exposes you to new routes and scenery, you get to hear about upcoming races and get inside info and tips, and any time there is food at the end it’s a plus.

I started my Garmin a little late, so my stats are off, but the run was 6 miles and we finished in about 57 minutes.


A house full of runners!

There was food galore waiting for us after we finished up – tacos with all the fixings, salad, snacks, brownies, cheese and crackers, quinoa, brussels sprouts, wine, and delicious homemade hot chocolate.


Perfect way to end a winter run!

I really hope I can work more of these group runs into my schedule! (Dear runiverse, please make it happen…)

When I got home, I pulled out the yoga mat and did my 8:00 core workout using the lolo Easy Abs app. Have to stay consistent! I’m starting to see some definition – I might even have a 1 pack. I was able to do 5 of these instead of zero:


Side plank with leg abduction = mild form of torture?

After a long work day, I squeezed in a snowy mile tonight a 9:00 PM to keep up with my Mile A Day in March challenge.


Snow shoes.


I have an exciting update about the photo shoot I did last month!

The new website for Tiffany Wayne Photography is now LIVE! Everything came out beautifully! To see the rest of the work, click on the link above and see her blog post here. Be sure to check out the behind the scenes video!

Copyright Tiffany Wayne Photography

Glam status

Copyright Tiffany Wayne Photography

Look at me on the right!

I’m so honored I was able to be a part of this project! It was so much fun to rock my wedding dress one more time and get glammed up. If you’re looking for someone to capture your wedding, engagement, family, business, or event, I highly recommend TWP! (P.S. She travels!)

Let’s have some frun!

3 Mar

With a midnight frun (fun+run=frun) and a second one at noon, not only did I put in 9 solid miles and enjoy tasty food yesterday, I got to meet some of the most welcoming and genuinely nice people in the area who enjoy running as much as I do. Very glad I made a goal this year to be more active in the Albany Running Exchange!

Once a year the ARE organizes frun day, where there are groups runs scheduled from midnight to 11:55 pm at different locations in the NY Capital Region and beyond (one member posted his run in China!). There is also a lot of food at most of the meetups. The idea is to have fun and see how many miles you can log in a day.

Midnight frun:

I met up with 7 other guys in the group at a nearby parking lot, decked out in gear with reflectors, blinkers, and lights. The idea was to keep around a 10:00 pace, but we were definitely going at about an 8:00 pace for mile 2 and 3. It was a workout for me!

4.12 miles | 36:28 total time | 8:52 avg pace

20130302-175445.jpgMy see and be seen essentials.

After driving the 3 minutes home and stretching, it was after 1:00 AM. I had a very hard time falling asleep (runner’s high and all) and when I did, I had a nightmare about running a half marathon with crazy obstacles and then getting disqualified because I couldn’t find the finish line….

Noon frun:

For this one, a bunch of people met up at one of the ARE member’s homes. The vibe was so overwhelmingly friendly and welcoming! Seriously, I have never experienced people so excited to see someone they haven’t met yet. I immediately felt glad I had decided to show up. A couple of the runners from the midnight adventure were also there and others had run at other times in other locations that morning. For this frun, there was an out-and-back course which we could either do 3 or 5 miles. I planned on doing the 3 miles, but was having so much fun I decided to keep on going. It turned out to be just shy of the 5 miles.

4.88 miles | 46:37 total time | 9:35 avg pace

FRUN 2013 noon runSome of the ARE members. Photo credit: Letticia Ruderman via Facebook

20130302-175506.jpgPost-frun vegetarian chili and cornbread – delicious!

Afterwards, we ate a bunch of great food and talked about running, life, and random stuff. I feel like I made a lot of new running best friends and I’m looking forward to doing more fruns and activities with them!

After I got home, it was time to get ready for a charity gala that Mark and I were invited to by a friend to benefit a private school. We got all fancied up and headed over to the party.

20130302-175514.jpgPre-gala primping

20130302-175520.jpgMark’s GQ pose

20130303-132124.jpgWe’re fancy.


Baked crab-stuffed haddock with mashed potatoes and green beans – incredible!

We were out until after midnight wine-ing, dining, and dancing. My legs were definitely tired! It was really a great day and night. We are still up to a bunch of things today, but I will have to make another post about those funtivities later.