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Total darkness at 5 AM and what’s for dinner

27 Aug

I have a confession: I skipped my weekend long run. And I don’t regret it. Instead of logging those 8 miles, I focused on spending quality birthday time with my husband. I did log about 12.7 miles throughout the week spread over 3 runs and did strength training at least once.

This week I am getting back on track with an early morning running and workout routine. And now that summer is reaching its end, the world is getting darker and darker at 5:00 AM. It’s also eerily quiet. The first mile of my usual route is not very well lit, so all I could think about yesterday morning was zombies coming out of the bushes to eat me. At one point I looked down at my Garmin and I was clocking a 6:44 pace. Whoops…

4.08 miles | 33:44 total time | 8:16 avg pace

5AMConfession number two: I’ve been slacking a little on cross/strength training and speedwork. Time to really get serious! My goal for this week and moving forward is to incorporate strength training 3 times a week, cross train at least 1 day, and get 1 speed workout in.

I can’t believe I didn’t even show you the fabulous cupcakes I made for Mark’s birthday this past weekend!  I had grand plans of making something from scratch, but when I was out looking for supplies I found this mix from Target’s Archer Farms brand and it was meant to be. Chai latte flavor with vanilla bean frosting! I even made cute little vintage camera toppers. They’re not quite Pinterest worthy, but they were delicious! Markbdaycupcake rbbSpeaking of food and Mark’s birthday, we stuffed ourselves with three days of delicious dinners and desserts. Sunday night we stayed in and grilled a tasty plate full of BBQ pepper steak, acorn squash with brown sugar and cinnamon, and Alexia bruschetta waffle fries. Total win!

steakbdaydinnerNow, time to get to bed so I have a chance of waking up at 4:40 AM to get my butt in gear for my next run!

Question for you: How do you feel about running in the dark?


What I’ve Been Eating Lately (WIBEL?)

3 Jul

It’s Wednesday, and in the health and fitness blogging world that means there are posts chock full of food pictures for participation in What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW). (If you’re not familiar, just go ahead and Google that. I’ll wait a minute.)

If you’ve been following run+breathe+be for any length of time, you’ve probably caught on to the fact that I don’t post a whole lot about food. There are two main reasons for that: 1) I’m not a recipe goddess and you’d be pretty bored checking out 1,982 photos of chicken breast, veggies, and couscous and 2) logging the sheer amount of snacks and candy I eat on a regular basis would scare you and embarrass me.

Overhauling my diet has been a goal of mine for a while and I’ve made small steps in the right direction. But I keep it real here and my eating habits are not exactly what I’d like them to be. I mean…I didn’t get the athlete cookbook I asked Santa for, soo00…..

OK, just kidding. I really need to take some responsibility here and keep working toward a more balanced diet. Honestly, my diet is not terrible, but there are a few things I think I can change that would make a huge difference. Such as less processed sugar and junky snacks and learning some more really quick and easy recipes using whole foods. Is there a Pinterest fairy godmother I can call?

Now that the preamble is out of the way, let me show you a few things on my plate lately. Please note that these are only a sampling of what I’ve been eating and they are definitely not from the same day.

IMG_3175Luna Fiber bars are becoming a morning staple for me. It’s kind of like a mini PB&J that goes really well with a skinny vanilla Cafe Au Lait (the cheaper, more caffeineated, equally-as-delicious cousin of the skinny vanilla latte).

IMG_3254I spotted this corn pasta at Trader Joe’s and thought, “Hey, why not?” We’ve actually been eating much less pasta than we used to. I whipped this up for dinner one night and it’s pretty good. The texture is more grainy than regular pasta but less gummy than whole wheat pasta. The sauce is pretty good, too. This reminds me that another TJ’s trip is in order…

IMG_3183Strawberries!!!! There’s nothing like in-season, local, fresh fruit and veggies.

image (1)I like to toss together a quick and easy salad for lunch. This one is Trader Joe’s Sorrento mixed greens, grape tomatoes, croutons, shredded mozzarella cheese, a slice of deli turkey, and TJ’s reduced fat cilantro dressing. It’s delicious!

IMG_3252Ice cream. It’s summer, enough said.

image (2)I’m a fan of Angie’s popcorn and this salted caramel kettle corn is pretty good. This is going to sound out of character for me, but I think I like their Boom Chicka Pop better.

image (4)Tuna salad has been my jam lately. Wraps, sandwiches, paninis…it’s on my plate approximately once a week. Intervention necessary?

image (3)Only the best pastry in the entire world – French macarons! We had a variety of these for dessert at our wedding and I’m obsessed with these little bites of utter goodness. These are a frozen variety pack from Trader Joe’s. Thaw and enjoy!

Wanted: Fairy foodmother who can wave a wand and make healthy, whole, delicious, satisfying meals appear before my eyes as needed. Position available immediately.

The last miles I will run…until Saturday

8 May

Hold on to your hats, friends! You’re about to read a very exciting boring blog post!

I would like to take a moment and give some serious props to my husband for making this giant dish of baked deliciousness:

mac and cheese

It was the creamiest, cheesiest baked mac and cheese I’ve ever experienced. I’d share the recipe, but Mark hid it from me so I couldn’t see the nutrition facts. Apparently, just looking at the ingredients will cause a clogged artery. Tasty!

Today was my last taper run before the Jog4Jugs Half Marathon. I did an easy 2 miles in the early morning sunshine and I was totally naked (ah hem, that means no Garmin and no iPhone). Last night, I was having a little soreness in my metatarsals (remember that ol’ MFI?) so I have been wearing my compression socks for extra support. I almost slept in them…

2miletaper wmEasy peasy.

Ellie was waiting patiently for me at the back door:

ellie waitsWhen I got to work, I had key lime pie for breakfast.

photo 4

Well…sort of. When you add graham crackers to yogurt it instantly turns to pie. I also recommend adding graham crackers to banana Chobani. Banana cream pie for breakfast. Boom.

To be sure my feet got all the TLC they needed, I wore my compression socks to work. As you can see, they went perfectly with my professional outfit.

socks at workIt must have been a good idea because the soreness has subsided. Maybe I should wear them every day…

Thanks for making it all the way down here without falling asleep, you’re a trooper. Isn’t taper week super exciting?!

What was the most exciting thing about your Wednesday?