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Hill seeking and race planning

26 Mar

Over the weekend I spent a lot of time trying to find my next half marathon. I made a goal this year of doing at least 2 and I already knew I was going to repeat the Mohawk Hudson River Half in October, so I was trying to shoot for another one in early summer. The other criteria I was going for were: 1) inexpensive, 2) easy travel and accommodations, 3) not be on a day I have something scheduled. These criteria proved to be pretty difficult to meet. I had to rule out many, many options.

After a lot of consideration, I finally signed up for the Jog4Jugs Half Marathon on May 11, which is local, inexpensive, and supports a great cause (breast cancer research). It is also quite hilly.

So with that decided, I figured I best get to work on some hill repeats!

hillseekerMonday evening, I headed out for my run (in the daylight!) and purposefully planned my route to include three hills. I powered up each of them 5 times, for a total of 15 hill repeats. I used the downhills for recovery and made sure to stride out at the top instead of just stopping. I felt pretty powerful and probably could have done more, but I wasn’t trying to kill or injure myself, so I finished strong on repeat #15 and headed back home. Did I really just almost admit that I enjoyed a hill workout?

When I finished my last hill, a couple of neighborhood boys playing nearby clapped and cheered for me as I passed them. That was a true running rockstar moment for me! Maybe if all hard workouts had cheering sections, I’d kick ass all the time.


My workout stats are a bit skewed due to the rest in between hill sets, but here are my totals:

5.02 miles | 50:56 total time | 10:09 avg pace

I followed the power hills with a 10:00 arm circuit using my lolofit Easy Arms app. Here’s yesterday’s workout:

  1. Reverse arm circles – 20 reps
  2. Dumbbell push press – 2 sets: 15 reps
  3. Upright rows with dumbbells – 2 sets: 15 reps
  4. Sidelying lateral raise – 2 sets each side: 20 reps
  5. Front raise with dumbbells – 2 sets: 15 reps
  6. Bent over lateral raise (flies) – 2 sets: 15 reps

Since I worked my legs pretty hard, I spent a lot of time stretching out. This was a great workout and I am considering doing it once a week or so in preparation for the half in May. I’m also looking into other hill and speed workouts to incorporate into my training. Since May 11 is not too far away, I am not going to push myself too much and risk injury, so I am going to keep my expectations pretty conservative.

In other news, I also signed up for a fun trail race on April 6 called Dodge the Deer 5K. Last time I ran a trail race was during cross country in high school, so this should be a good time! I’m also considering a 10K at the end of the month, but we will see. Not looking to go crazy or anything here.

Wondering what other races I have up my sleeve for this year so far? Check out my race calendar here.


Someone’s got a case of the blahs.

22 Feb

That someone is me.


I’ve been feeling pretty tired all week but I’ve been in pretty good spirits. I haven’t even skipped any planned runs. Well, today the blahs hit me hard. It was a struggle to get myself moving at all. My to-do list did not become a to-done list. Also, I will not confirm or deny that I may have fallen asleep on the couch at 11:00 AM. When I finally got going, I did a 5:00 min lolo Easy Abs workout and then went on my run.

20130222-174206.jpgYeah, that’s right 12:40 PM! Only 4 hours later than intended!

The whole run was a mental struggle to keep going. I had to pull out all of my Jedi mind tricks to not stop at 2 miles and walk back home. Hey, I’m not above bribing myself with treats just to get through a run. It took a lot of bargaining but I made it to 3.5 miles (9:05ish pace). To make up for the lameness, I did a 5:00 min lolo Easy Arms workout and then another round of the Running in Heels Booty Burner Circuit from last week.

Clearly, the problem is psychological. I think I’m just a little bored with my regular runs and in need of something to spice it up. I’m trying to find someone to go on a running date with and looking for some new scenery. I think participating in something like the Under Armour What’s Beautiful challenge and finding other races to sign up for. I’ve been a little frustrated with finding a half marathon to do in the early summer. It’s been hard to find one that’s affordable and doesn’t conflict with other plans.

Ultimately, the bargain I made with myself today was that I’d go to the store and pick up some Designer Whey protein shakes. I’m actually pretty excited about their products after seeing a review by Road Runner Girl Mindy and plan to try one of the shakes after a longer run tomorrow. Target only had the shakes and powder available, so I hope I can find the bars locally somewhere!


Now, hubby and I are playing the “What do you want for dinner?/What do you want for dinner?” game. This is my least favorite game ever.

Here’s hoping for a fresh start tomorrow and reaching a goal of 5.5 – 6 miles. Maybe if I tell everyone my goal, I’m more likely to reach it? Accountability, my friends!

Nothing like a good run to start the day

30 Jan

In line with the weird weather lately, this morning was unseasonably warm. That means I got to get myself out of bed at before sunrise and hit the road! Honestly, I kind of dawdled and didn’t start up my Garmin 110 until 6:00 AM. I was super tired so I took it nice and easy.

3.17 miles | 30:00 total time | 9:28 avg pace

Toward the end of the run, one of my Knuckle Lights started flickering and stopped working. I hope it can be fixed, I rely on these things for my runs in the dark!


I topped the day’s workout with some strength training and core work (5:00 arms, 5:00 abs).

And then I soared through the day on a pretty nice runner’s high! It’s a good thing, too, because I had a very busy day.

Yesterday I heard an ad on the radio for Dunkin’ Donuts announcing the new Red Velvet Latte. (How did they get inside my head?!) As soon as I heard that, I made it my goal to get one this morning.

20130130-134829.jpgDelicious goal: accomplished!

During my last trip to Trader Joe’s, I grabbed some of their Greek yogurt to try out. So far, they have outdone Chobani and Yoplait in the flavor department. I think vanilla bean is my favorite. The blueberry one is for tomorrow.


I am happy to report that I have been doing well on my goal of being more mindful of what I’m eating and making healthier choices. I’ve  been paying attention to how much food I’m eating daily as well as the quality, because I have a serious sweets and snacks habit. (Hence the 7ish pounds I gained during that time off for the MFI). Part of this goal has been for Mark and I to get groceries more regularly and plan our meals to avoid eating a lot of fast food and pasta. It’s really been working and I know I’m getting leaner and I feel a lot better. [I may have snuck a peek at the scale, shhh.]

Tonight’s dinner was pretty awesome:


Lightly breaded and broiled wild caught salmon, quinoa/brown rice blend with cilantro seasoning (Seeds of Change brand), and broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. It was seriously good.

And every good running day should end with a little dessert, right?