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Random post of randomness

3 Sep

Let’s start with today’s run:

3.24 miles / 27:56 total time / 8:37 avg pace

I took two days off after Saturday’s long run in an effort to prevent the soreness in my left foot from turning into another serious case of tendinitis. I kept this morning’s effort to a fairly comfortable pace, massaged my foot with the Foot Rubz ball, and have a heat patch on the area. I am planning to do my 5 mile run for the Fall 5 or 10 tomorrow, so I’m hoping to keep the soreness at bay.

I also did this little 8 Minute Abs video that Hungry Runner Girl has been mentioning for months. It’s a decent little workout and the outfits are a sure thing for a good laugh.

And now for the randomness…

I totally flaked on saying anything about the July Stride Box and August has come and gone. To make amends for that, I figured I could at least show you a really blurry photo of August’s contents. It came with a really cool towel that I really need to start using after those humid runs! (P.S, If you’re trying to figure out what one of the products is and can’t make it out, just let me know and I’ll tell you!)

August Stride Box

August Stride Box

Ever since the big announcement about our trip to Italy next month, I’ve been gathering versatile items that are easy to wear in multiple ways. Here are the latest finds:

Target maxi dress, on clearance for $14.98

Target maxi dress, on clearance for $14.98

I searched high and low for shoes that are made for walking but could be worn casual or dressy. Mission finally accomplished.

Clarks Propose Pixie in black leather, found on Amazon $74.95

Clarks Propose Pixie in black leather, found on Amazon $74.95

We woke up Sunday morning to discover that a big tree branch fell on my car during a storm that blew through overnight. The hood is pretty smashed on the passenger side, but it’s drivable, fixable, and most importantly, no one was hurt. Too bad it wasn’t this kind of tree:


For good measure, I’ll throw in a couple of photos of the cats from this holiday weekend:


Adele just hangin’ around


Ellie helping me fold laundry (AKA stealing socks)

If you’re reading this, tell me one random thing about your weekend or day!


Reading material, a run, and sitting on a wall

30 Apr

Before talking about my latest run, I want to share a couple of articles with you that I recently read.

First, After Boston: A Run the Recovery, a powerful article written by Michael Cassidy, an Olympic marathon trials qualifier who ran Boston this year. The entire thing is incredible and inspiring, but this is my favorite excerpt:

“To run is to live. Running nourishes our muscles and nurtures our minds. It induces clarity of thought, vitality of physiology, and tranquility of emotion. It demands complete unity of body and spirit, it requires your legs, your lungs, your heart, your mind, but rewards all those parts too. It’s in this harmonious holism that we come to understand our true identities, our authentic selves. The universe’s uncertainty is distilled into a singularity: We exist in and of the moment. In the midst of entropy, serene bliss. In the midst of confusion, clarity. Surrounded by constraints, we are freed. Running creates.”


Second, Being a Runner Does Not Make Me Crazy, a Hello Giggles blog post by Miriam Lamey. My husband sent me the link to this article a few weeks ago and it immediately struck a chord with me. I’m sure my fellow runners can relate. Here is how Miriam responds to those who call her “crazy” for running:

“I think one of my chosen hobbies instead makes me balanced. I think that I’ve learned discipline, the benefits of endorphins and good, old-fashioned enjoyment of being in and moving one’s body. I think that I’ve learned to be at peace with myself, given that on a 15-mile run, I’m with myself for two-plus hours. I think I have developed some pretty badass mental strength in order to keep going even when it hurts, I’m tired and/or it’s cold. And I also think that I found something healthy, free, fun, occasionally hilarious and definitely unique that brings me (mostly) joy.”

100% agreed.


Yesterday was one of those Mondays when you just know it’s not going to be a great one from the start. I went to sleep wayyyy too late and couldn’t force myself to open my eyes at 5:30 AM. I quickly rescheduled my run for after work and stayed in bed until the very last minute possible. Truth be T, the day sucked. The best thing about it was getting notifications that my orders from Running Warehouse, Under Armour, and Pro Compression had shipped. YAY!

Even my run was kind of, “meh.” It was damp and most of the run I was working hard to convince myself not to just stop and go to sleep. I ran for 42 minutes and made it 4.75 miles.

run2I took a break to have some salmon for dinner with Mark, then got on with leg and abs circuits from Running in Heels while watching 2 Broke Girls. Laughing while strength training makes it go by much easier. Or does it make it harder? I can’t decide.

This is me about halfway through the wall sit, trying to distract myself from the urge to just fall over.

wallsitOn to the abs:

I had every intention of doing each circuit twice through like it says to, but that whole eating dinner thing really slowed down my mojo and I just put pajamas on instead. Good choice, I’d say. 🙂

Recovery runs, Pulled pork, and Bargain brights

12 Apr


After yesterday’s hill repeats, my plan for this morning was to go for a recovery run. Then I got to thinking, what exactly is a recovery run and what are the benefits? What I’ve heard is that it is meant for muscle repair and to essentially “shake the legs out” the day after a hard workout. Then I read this article, which offers a somewhat different perspective. Author Matt Fitzerald from Competitor.com says the common belief about recovery runs is not quite accurate, but they are very important for training.

“By sprinkling your training regimen with relatively short, easy runs, you can achieve a higher total running volume than you could if you always ran hard.  Yet because recovery runs are gentle enough not to create a need for additional recovery, they allow you to perform at a high level in your key workouts and therefore get the most out of them.”

If you run 5 times a week or more, are training for a race, were unsure of the reasons for recovery runs, or are at all interested in running, I highly recommend reading the entire article.

Even though I haven’t been running 5 times a week, I still considered this a recovery run because it fell between a hard workout and the 9 miles I have planned for tomorrow.

Today’s cold, rainy run was a little over 3 miles at a 9:30 avg pace. It was nice to slow down a little and relax. I also made a mental note that I need a light rain jacket for running.

I followed that with the abs circuit from the Running in Heels Beach Body Challenge.

That last plank was haaaaaaard, but I’m fairly certain I’ve grown at least a two-pack with all the core work I’ve been doing.


I met my very best friend Vicki for lunch at Spanish tapas restaurant, Boca Bistro to talk boys men, life, work, and running. If you are ever in or around the Capital Region of New York, you need to eat there. End of story.


Pulled pork with smoked tomato aioli, pickled shallot, and idiazabal (cheese) sandwich with a cup of white bean and chorizo soup


Biggest white beans I’ve ever seen on the biggest spoon I’ve ever used to eat soup

Seriously, this stuff is delicious. The food makes me want to go to Spain to eat myself into oblivion and never leave.


On the way home I stopped at my favorite weekly hangout, Target. I was trying on a few things in the dressing room and the urge struck me to take a self-portrait. For the past couple of days I’ve been letting my hair just kind of do its own thing with minimal product or blowdrying (besides bangs). You know this is a big deal when both your husband and your best friend react to you telling them you let your hair go au naturel by getting really scared and asking if you’re OK.



I spent a lot of time perusing the aisles in a leisurely manner, not really looking for anything in particular. I ended up with this awesome skirt for about $8 and I’m already planning how I’m going to wear it next week.


I also found these bobby pins on clearance and thought they’d be a cute way to hold my bangs back during races instead of those plain, boring bobby pins I usually use.

20130412-173528.jpgToday’s shopping theme was clearly “Bright colors and 70% off.”

Some fun questions for you:

What are your thoughts on recovery runs?

What’d you have for lunch today? 

What was your last bargain buy?