Running Story

I ran track and cross country in high school until  junior year when I temporarily decided other things (read: boys) were more important. It’s a shame, really, because I was actually good at it and enjoyed it. I ran on and off for fitness throughout college,  graduate school, and for the first couple of years afterward, but never consistently.

Some time during Spring 2011 I laced up a pair of trainers and made an attempt to get myself back into the running spirit. It didn’t take much hold until I joined my now brother-in-law for a run around the neighborhood and I could barely make it more than a couple of miles and he was barely breaking a sweat. Well, that was unacceptable! That sparked my motivation to call upon the old cross country runner within me and get moving. I bought a pair of real running shoes and started on a fairly regular routine. On Thanksgiving, I ran my first 5K in over 10 years.

Then I kept running and running…and running. I ran before the sun came up, I ran in the dark, I ran in the freezing cold, I even ran on Christmas morning. Then, I signed up for my first half marathon and spent the better part of a year running more than I had ever run before and hitting distances I never thought I would reach. Not only did I learn a lot about training, gear, nutrition, and pacing, I learned a lot about  myself in the process. On October 7, 2012 I ran the Mohawk Hudson River Half Marathon and finished with a time of 1:48:21. That was the proudest moment of my running career and I am looking forward to setting more goals for myself and seeing what I can achieve next!


One Response to “Running Story”

  1. happycampo February 10, 2013 at 7:44 am #

    I stumbled across your blog after checking out some other running blogs. I’ve just decided to run my first half marathon and have started blogging about it – check it out here if you have time… I noticed your time for your first half marathon – inspiring! Don’t think I’ll be that fast but looking forward to the journey! Love talking and reading about running too! K

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