Race recap: Stockadeathon 15K

10 Nov

Today will go down in personal history as the first time I seriously considered skipping a race I had already registered for but ended up running anyway and setting a personal record.


It’s no secret that I was underprepared for the Stockadeathon 15K, considering that I’ve only run a few times in the past few weeks. And I didn’t feel especially great on those runs.

When we finally got out the door this morning and headed to the starting line, my only goal was to finish and hopefully give my running battery the jump start it needed.

When the gun went off, I eased into a pace my body felt comfortable with – 8:00/mile. I just told myself to stick with what felt good and I kept moving. The course was pretty, historical, and peppered with spectators so that helped a lot.

I felt surprisingly good until miles 5-6 where I lost a little momentum in the hilly part. (Turns out the second half of this course is harder than the first.) It took a little while but I got back on pace for the most part and worked my way around Central Park to finally hit the finish line at 1:14:34 (unofficial Garmin time) – a 3 minute PR!


As soon as I finished, the runner’s high kicked in and I was ready to immediately register for 105 more races get back on track.


We headed to the post-race refreshment pavilion and couldn’t believe the amount of goodies! Cider donuts, hot cocoa, chocolate milk, oranges, cookies, candy, juice, soda, water, pizza, bagels, bananas, granola bars and more. There was also a big fireplace. Post-run heaven!

Now, I’m feeling motivated, refreshed and ready to get running again. In the wise words of my brother, you’ll be surprised what you can do after a little time off!


2 Responses to “Race recap: Stockadeathon 15K”

  1. kristenk November 11, 2013 at 7:51 pm #

    That race and the post-race food sound awesome! I recently ran a 10k that I was so unprepared for that I was literally in tears the night before – and ended up PRing by 3 minutes as well! Sometimes running is just crazy like that I guess! Congrats on your PR!

    • Nikki November 12, 2013 at 9:19 pm #

      Awesome work with that 10K! And thank you 🙂

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