Random post of randomness

3 Sep

Let’s start with today’s run:

3.24 miles / 27:56 total time / 8:37 avg pace

I took two days off after Saturday’s long run in an effort to prevent the soreness in my left foot from turning into another serious case of tendinitis. I kept this morning’s effort to a fairly comfortable pace, massaged my foot with the Foot Rubz ball, and have a heat patch on the area. I am planning to do my 5 mile run for the Fall 5 or 10 tomorrow, so I’m hoping to keep the soreness at bay.

I also did this little 8 Minute Abs video that Hungry Runner Girl has been mentioning for months. It’s a decent little workout and the outfits are a sure thing for a good laugh.

And now for the randomness…

I totally flaked on saying anything about the July Stride Box and August has come and gone. To make amends for that, I figured I could at least show you a really blurry photo of August’s contents. It came with a really cool towel that I really need to start using after those humid runs! (P.S, If you’re trying to figure out what one of the products is and can’t make it out, just let me know and I’ll tell you!)

August Stride Box

August Stride Box

Ever since the big announcement about our trip to Italy next month, I’ve been gathering versatile items that are easy to wear in multiple ways. Here are the latest finds:

Target maxi dress, on clearance for $14.98

Target maxi dress, on clearance for $14.98

I searched high and low for shoes that are made for walking but could be worn casual or dressy. Mission finally accomplished.

Clarks Propose Pixie in black leather, found on Amazon $74.95

Clarks Propose Pixie in black leather, found on Amazon $74.95

We woke up Sunday morning to discover that a big tree branch fell on my car during a storm that blew through overnight. The hood is pretty smashed on the passenger side, but it’s drivable, fixable, and most importantly, no one was hurt. Too bad it wasn’t this kind of tree:


For good measure, I’ll throw in a couple of photos of the cats from this holiday weekend:


Adele just hangin’ around


Ellie helping me fold laundry (AKA stealing socks)

If you’re reading this, tell me one random thing about your weekend or day!


3 Responses to “Random post of randomness”

  1. christine (@Albany_Wayfarer) September 3, 2013 at 7:06 pm #

    gah! Sorry about your car. Thats a good reminder for me that I should get collision & comp. my daily randomness: today was the first day with 3 year olds in my classroom. One of them took off once he realized he was going to have to stay for the morning. Most of the school saw me chasing after him!

    • Nikki September 3, 2013 at 10:17 pm #

      Oh boy! Sounds like quite the handful!

  2. mary @ minutes per mile September 5, 2013 at 5:26 am #

    haha, that abs video is the best! i’ve done it a few times and always get a good laugh.

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