Total darkness at 5 AM and what’s for dinner

27 Aug

I have a confession: I skipped my weekend long run. And I don’t regret it. Instead of logging those 8 miles, I focused on spending quality birthday time with my husband. I did log about 12.7 miles throughout the week spread over 3 runs and did strength training at least once.

This week I am getting back on track with an early morning running and workout routine. And now that summer is reaching its end, the world is getting darker and darker at 5:00 AM. It’s also eerily quiet. The first mile of my usual route is not very well lit, so all I could think about yesterday morning was zombies coming out of the bushes to eat me. At one point I looked down at my Garmin and I was clocking a 6:44 pace. Whoops…

4.08 miles | 33:44 total time | 8:16 avg pace

5AMConfession number two: I’ve been slacking a little on cross/strength training and speedwork. Time to really get serious! My goal for this week and moving forward is to incorporate strength training 3 times a week, cross train at least 1 day, and get 1 speed workout in.

I can’t believe I didn’t even show you the fabulous cupcakes I made for Mark’s birthday this past weekend!  I had grand plans of making something from scratch, but when I was out looking for supplies I found this mix from Target’s Archer Farms brand and it was meant to be. Chai latte flavor with vanilla bean frosting! I even made cute little vintage camera toppers. They’re not quite Pinterest worthy, but they were delicious! Markbdaycupcake rbbSpeaking of food and Mark’s birthday, we stuffed ourselves with three days of delicious dinners and desserts. Sunday night we stayed in and grilled a tasty plate full of BBQ pepper steak, acorn squash with brown sugar and cinnamon, and Alexia bruschetta waffle fries. Total win!

steakbdaydinnerNow, time to get to bed so I have a chance of waking up at 4:40 AM to get my butt in gear for my next run!

Question for you: How do you feel about running in the dark?


3 Responses to “Total darkness at 5 AM and what’s for dinner”

  1. katie August 28, 2013 at 11:41 am #

    Love those little cute cupcake tags! what a fun way to decorate cupcakes (I am crafty but not a baker!)

  2. cldem September 2, 2013 at 8:36 pm #

    As long as I’m comfortable with the route, I actually love running before sunrise, which is good because I’ll be doing it often this fall and winter. I’ve stocked up on clothing that reflects or glows, and am thinking of getting one of those headlamps.

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