Race Recap: Firefly 5K

7 Aug

On Saturday, I ran in my first ever twilight race – the Firefly5 5K! Mark and I met up with a bunch of our friends, who also participated in either the walking or running division. Since there were several of us there, I was able to recover a few photos!


Firefly with friends!

The event began with the Firefly5 Festival, an all day carnival with family friendly vendors, food, and entertainment. Some of the fun included BBQ, beer, cupcakes, crafts, pet adoption, bands, bouncy houses, laser tag, games, massages, and s’mores. There were actually far fewer vendors there than expected, but it was still a neat little festival. We all met up, walked around, and had something to eat a few hours before the race. I even got a mini-massage that felt ahhhhmazing.

Prior to the walk/run, there was a Zumba warmup. A couple of the girls and I joined in to get our hearts pumping and wake our muscles up. I had fun trying to awkwardly match the footwork. (It’s been over a year since my last round of Zumba!) I thought this was a fun way to get everyone moving and pass the time before the main event.

Zumba time

Zumba time

This was actually Mark’s first officially timed 5K! He had originally made a goal for himself when he was running with me a little while back, but had to adjust that due to switching his focus to the Insanity program. Since I have had so many opportunities (with more to come) to go for my own 5K goal, I offered to stay with him and pace him. Despite having to take a short break about halfway through due to stomach issues (read: beer and pulled pork are not great pre-race fuel), he did awesome! We came in together at 28:54. I’m so proud of him!

By the time we all finished, it was finally dark enough to glow!

We glow in the dark

We glow in the dark

One of the coolest parts of this event was the laser light show at the end! It was way more rad than any fireworks I’ve seen and I feel like I could’ve watched for hours.

Lasers in the sky!

Lasers in the sky!

Overall, this was a fun and worthwhile event that I’d consider doing again. More vendors and games might improve the carnival experience, though.

As far as night time racing, the jury is still out for me. It was definitely a little challenging to wait around until 8:00 PM to race! We were on the go all day and ate less than favorable pre-race food (birthday cake, BBQ, beer, etc), which interfered with performance. In a more serious race, I’d be making different choices throughout the day in preparation. I’d have to try another night time race at a different distance before deciding if it’s for me or not!

What do you think about night time races?


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