Monday Meditation: Transform your life

29 Jul

If you do a search for “How running changed my life,” you are bound to find pages and pages full of stories about how this sport has completely transformed people in many ways. You’ll see account after account of physical, emotional, and spiritual change. There will be instances of tragedy and triumph, heartbreak and joy, dreams shattered and goals attained. The common thread will be perseverance – putting one foot in front of the other over and over again.

Pounding out a few miles has an immediate therapeutic effect that can shift your mood from negative to positive and change your whole perspective on the day. If it can have such an impact for one day, imagine the possibility of running throughout your lifetime. The effects of running on the mind, body, and heart are cumulative. And I’m not just talking mileage here.

Running allows me to simultaneously lose and find myself.

To me, this means that I can let go of all the things that can weigh me down (doubts, worries, painful realities and the like) and just be free in the moment and present with the world around me. I can enter into the movement and enjoy it.

On the other side, running has shown me who I truly am. It has given me a natural mechanism for self-reflection in which I’ve stretched my limits and discovered unknown strength deep within. I’ve gone distances I never believed I was capable of.  I’m more in tune with my body and appreciate it for what it is and strive for health rather than size. I even carry myself more confidently and talk to myself more gently. I’ve healed, I’ve changed, I’ve grown.

Additionally, running has enhanced my life in ways I couldn’t have predicted. It has given my husband and I a new reason to travel and another way to connect. I’ve formed new friendships and bolstered others. I’ve participated in some inspiring and fun events and feel excited for more to come. I look forward to sharing this love with family and future generations.

My story may not be as harrowing or moving as others, but it’s real. It may have taken me a few years to rekindle the running flame, but it’s burning brighter than ever now. I can no longer imagine a life where I choose to stop and I hope I never have to.

I’ll just keep running.


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