Finally running again and back on the road

20 Jul

I’m writing to you from the road because we’re on our way to NYC again!

Mark and I are joining in the Color Me Rad 5K at Met Life Stadium tomorrow. There was an unfortunate change in plans, so it will just be the two of us running. Bummed about that, but hoping to still have a good time!

This past week has been relatively run-free. I only ran 3 miles on Wednesday! I was feeling really exhausted after the Boilermaker and my motivation waned. It seemed like I needed a reboot. The heat and humidity has really been sucking the life out of me and I think my mind and body were telling me to rest a little while.

It’s really important to listen to your body, especially in extreme weather or at the first signs of injury. Even if you love something, you can still get burned out. Taking a little time off is much better than being sidelined for weeks or months!

Yesterday I started getting the itch to run again, so I planned to get a few early morning miles in today before leaving go NYC.

20130720-103054.jpgThe heat has broken a little, but this was still a super sweaty run!

4.13 miles | 33:43 total time | 8:09 avg pace

Now that I’ve had some rest, I’m feeling ready to get back on track (ha!) with my routine and training for upcoming events. The next half marathon is only a few weeks away!

Question: How do you tell when you’re getting burned out from running and what do you do?


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