Busy, busy, busy…and tired.

17 Jul

Oh, hello there! Is it Wednesday night already? I have been so busy and exhausted I can barely tell what day of the week it is. Truth be T, Sunday’s adventures really took a lot out of me and I’m slowly finding my way back to normal. I think…

I finally went for an easy run this morning and it felt kind of like I had lead in my legs. Oof. I’m not even this fatigued after a half marathon. Damn you, humidity!

I had every intention of finishing up my Boilermaker race recap tonight, I swear. Unfortunately, I’ve had very little time to work on it so far. It’s coming, though. And it’s going to be awesome. Cross my heart.

In the spirit of giving you something entertaining and race-related, I thought I’d share with you the newest additions to the Awkward Race Photo Gallery.

buhhhWait. Maybe I really should start an Awkward Race Photo Gallery…

dorkywaveI assure you, I was not having as much fun as it looks at this point in the race. But I saw the camera and thought it would be a good idea to smile and wave. I just might have to purchase that one…

If this doesn’t entertain you while you wait for the recap, take a look at this awesome comic by Oatmeal creator Matthew Inman. Dare you not to laugh.

And now, time for this runner chick to go to bed (again).


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