Gearing up for the Boilermaker

13 Jul

As soon as I finish writing this quick post, I will be getting ready for bed. Why? Because we’ve got to get up at 3:00 AM to get ready and on the road in time to make it to Utica, NY for the Boilermaker 15K! It’s approximately an hour and 20 minute drive, but we need to be there around 6:00 AM for me to catch the shuttle to the start. That means a senior citizen bed time for this runner!

My awesome Albany Running Exchange pal picked up my race packet yesterday and delivered it to my doorstep! I am very grateful for that.

Then, I realized that the bib color I have places me in the very last starting corral. Say what?! I would be lying if this didn’t put me in an instant bad mood of disappointment and frustration. I knew my projected time should have put me in a different spot. I envisioned myself fighting through a crowd of 14,000 to get to a pace I was happy with. I admit, I may have even whined a little bit. OK, maybe more than a little…

Once I got over myself, I switched my focus to accepting that where I start doesn’t have to determine my experience. I want to enjoy this race, have fun with my fellow runner friends, and celebrate with my mini-fan club (parents and hubby) at the finish line.

Whatever time I finish in doesn’t matter all that much. Let me say that again. Whatever time I finish in doesn’t matter all that much. (OK, let’s put that one on repeat…) This will be the first official 15K I have run, so I’m guaranteed a PR!

Alright, enough whining. On to the important stuff. Here’s my race day outfit!


  1. Reebok  Core Run Tank
  2. Brooks PR Mesh Skort
  3. Brooks Pure Cadence shoes
  4. RoadID shoe ID
  5. Boston Strong BIC Band
  6. C9 by Champion Racer Back Compression Bra
  7. C9 by Champion runglasses
  8. Garmin Forerunner 110
  9. SmartWool PhD Running Ultra Light Micro socks

And now, a few fun facts about the Boilermaker.

  • It finishes at a brewery and there is free beer for all along with a party.
  • The 2013 winner of the Boston Marathon, Lelisa Desisa (Ethiopia) won the Boilermaker 15K in 2010.
  • Since it’s inaugural year in 1978, runners from 40 different countries have participated.
  • Running legend Bill Rodgers ran and won it in 1983, elevating the race to national exposure.
  • Kathrine Switzer was speaking at the expo today and I didn’t get to see her!

Off to bed now, I’ll see you all after the race!


2 Responses to “Gearing up for the Boilermaker”

  1. Runner on the Rise July 13, 2013 at 7:00 pm #

    This run had me at “free beer” — have fun tomorrow! 🙂

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