Weekly training log for the holiday

7 Jul

This past week in training was an overall success! I managed to get in all of my planned workouts even with a long holiday weekend. The only thing I wish I did more of is strength training.

Monday – Rest. (Remember all that walking from the NYC weekend???)

Tuesday – Arms circuit, Didn’t feel well, Went back to bed.

Wednesday – Up and at ’em and feeling ready to go! 3 miles with Mark for a total time of 27:40 / 9:09 avg pace. I got in an ab circuit also.

image_1My Garmin was being really finicky, which gave us the opportunity to take a photo and provided the mosquitos with the chance to feast on us. The downside of living near a river…


Thursday – Celebrated the 4th of July with another 600 meter breakdown track workout. I split off from Mark and headed up to the high school. The sun was already hot shortly after 8:00 AM when I got to the track. Another woman was working out also and I said, “Good morning” and smiled when she stopped to stretch. She gave me the stone cold shoulder in return. Ouch.

trackredwhiteblue wm

I forgot to hit the Lap button for the first 600m, so I’m not sure what my time or pace was. Here are the other splits:

400m – 1:30 time / 5:53 mile pace

300m – 1:07 time / 5:54 mile pace

200m – 00:42 time / 5:32 mile pace

Total workout: 5:00 miles / 46:32 time

Friday – Arms circuit followed by a couple of miles with Mark before continuing on solo for a full 4 miles, with 36:06 total running time (avg pace 8:54).

Saturday – I set my alarm for 4:30 AM and I was up and ready for 10 miles at sunrise. The weather was much more comfortable at this time and I didn’t struggle to finish. Phew! Since I was out by myself, I mapped a neighborhood route rather than using the bike trail and I got to explore a residential area I hadn’t been to before. 10.06 miles / 1:27:49 total time / 8:44 avg pace.


After stretching and cleaning myself off, I headed to the lake with a few girlfriends for some relaxation in the sun! Perfection. This holiday weekend was the perfect blend of training, seeing family and friends, fun, and relaxing.


With the successful completion of a long run, I’m feeling more confident about finishing next weekend’s Boilermaker 15K. I’m planning to take it relatively this week so I’m nice and strong for the race.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


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