Another NYC adventure

2 Jul

My first thoughts today are dedicated to those dealing with devastating flooding in Central New York, not far from my home town. These past few days have been tremendously difficult for them and my heart goes out to each and everyone affected as they recover.


In yesterday’s post, I revealed the location of our weekend adventure: New York City. That’s right, we traveled a few hours south to the city two weekends in a row. Better yet, we will be heading back in three weeks for Color Me Rad NYC! Looks like this season’s theme is Summer in the City.

The primary reason we took the trip was so Mark could participate in the Google Plus Photo Walk NYC event. One of his main interests (besides hanging out with me) is photography and he couldn’t pass up the chance to meet and shoot the city with professionals and amateurs alike.

I got in on the action a little bit with my iPhone and came out with a few decent shots. (I’m throwing in a few from Mark, too).


On the Subway to the Photo Walk

We started the walk in Chinatown…


Cameras ready!

Then headed over the Brooklyn Bridge…


Looking at this now, I wish this was a picture of the two of us.


Love locks on the Brooklyn Bridge


Seriously loving this so much I had to post it again


Behind the lens


Looking toward Manhattan

We spent some time in the Dumbo district of Brooklyn, between the two bridges.


Manhattan Bridge street view


Manhattan Bridge on a hot Summer day

After stopping for refreshments (read: beer and wine) in Brooklyn, we made our way back across the Manhattan Bridge.


Sun starting to set over Manhattan

It’s always great to pass by graffiti with positive messages.



Not to mention the beautiful effect that graffiti and street art can create when you look out across rooftops.


View from Manhattan Bridge

With over 7 hours of walking, we ended up putting about 9 miles on our legs! Seeing NYC in a different way was totally worth it. This is definitely something I’d love to do again, whether it’s NYC or another location.

On Sunday, we took the opportunity to go to the Pride March with Mark’s brother, Bill. There we joined thousands of people in celebration and support of love and the LGBTQ community.


There were so many inspiring people and colorful characters all around. Seriously, check out this headdress!


Work it!

It was truly an honor to take part in Pride Fest and it is our hope that progress continues to be made in recognizing LGBTQ rights as human rights.


Let there be love.

Another wonderful Summer weekend is behind us and we’re already looking forward to our next adventure!


2 Responses to “Another NYC adventure”

  1. christine (@Albany_Wayfarer) July 3, 2013 at 7:24 am #

    The photography tour sounds great ! I ended up going to Pride as well. I had never been before & really enjoyed the atmosphere!

    • Nikki July 3, 2013 at 10:18 pm #

      I just read your blog post about it and tried to comment, but it didn’t like me trying to post from my phone.

      It was so much fun! I couldn’t believe how long the parade was – its great though bc it showed how much pride and support there was to go around. How crazy is it that we were again in the same place without even knowing?!

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