Monday Meditation: Joy on the run

17 Jun

Didn’t they reschedule Monday for later in the week? I thought I saw that on a memo somewhere. After a weekend of racing, kayak and paddle board testing, sunning, visiting, and BBQ-ing, a second Sunday sure would feel nice!

Anyway, I wanted to bring back Meditation Monday this week because it seems like a little runspiration could do some good for me and for others I’ve had recent conversations with. I came across this quote today and it seemed fitting:

“There needs to be more joy experienced while ON THE RUN, not just when it is over. Runners tend to be rather spartan about having fun and their social life goes on hold. If your motivation is low, perhaps there’s a paucity of fun in your training program. I always said that when running is no longer a joy, I would quit out of choice. I make sure to build into my life of motion enjoyable episodes and experiences. Many ex-runners’ major complaint is that it ceased to be enjoyable.”

– Jerry Lynch, The Total Runner

Running is not always easy. There are times when it’s challenging to get out the door or keep pushing through the miles. One thing that stands true is that the great runs far outnumber the unpleasant ones. When I feel a little under-motivated, I take a look at some of the pictures I have from long runs or races and the feeling of joy immediately comes back.

enjoytherunGetting ready for a long run spurs feelings of excitement within me and feeling the movement of my body and breath as I work my way through the miles fills me with joy. I’ve gotten to know myself quite well while running and it seems I learn a lot more each time I lace up (especially for the longest ones). To me, it is not just a sport or way to stay fit. It’s a part of me. I find happiness in a long run and in challenging myself beyond my limits. It’s not always about the finish – the journey is what truly fulfills me.

To those that have forgotten to enjoy the run, find a way to incorporate some fun into your routine and remind yourself of what keeps you going. To those that no longer enjoy the run (or never did) no matter how hard you try, maybe it’s time to move on and that’s OK.

Either way, do what you love!


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