Yard work and impromptu rest days

11 Jun

Oh, hi! Looks like I’ve taken an unintentional mini-hiatus from blogging these past few days. We’re getting a lot done around here, I assure you! We are full engaged in checking off items from our homeowner to-do list and this past weekend we kicked off a big yard project.

Before that, we both went out for a long run on Sunday morning. Mark went for 3 miles and I kept on going for a solid 8.


Ready to go…?

As you could guess, I’m very excited that Mark has started running and working out with me while he trains for the 5K’s we are running together this Summer. He’s starting to talk about goals and I’m looking forward to supporting him in reaching them, as he has done time and time again for me. It will be nice to return the favor!

As soon as I came back from my longer run, we stretched, changed, fueled and prepared for a full day of serious yard work. We had our eye on three overgrown trees in our backyard and started toiling away. We moved stones, chopped, clipped, bagged, bundled, and stump-pulled throughout the day. Talk about a strength training workout!

stump removal

A little help from our friends…

Luckily, we have some pretty awesome friends who enjoy removing tree stumps and very willingly came over to help with this part of the process. We paid them handsomely in burgers and beer, of course.

A total of 9 hours of labor and we have a bigger yard!

yardbeforeafterAnd 11 bags, a dozen or so bundles, and 3 big stumps to show for it as well!

bagsandbundlesNeedless to say, Mark and I were pretty sore on Monday! Talk about full body aches! My knees and feet were definitely on fire. Instead of risking some injury, we agreed to take a complete rest day from running or working out on Monday.

We set the alarm for this morning, but the rain was so heavy that we decided to wait. I may not end up getting a run in today, but I feel pretty OK with that. Taking these impromptu rest days has been refreshing and it seems my motivation for the next run is building.

I typically build at least 2 rest days into my running routine, but there are benefits to mixing in some spontaneous non-running days from time to time.

Why it’s a good idea to be flexible and take impromptu rest days:

  1. Recover/Prevent injury
  2. Avoid mental burnout
  3. Opportunity to focus on cross training
  4. Enjoy other aspects of life

I’m sure this list could be longer, but these are the things I think about when I switch things around and take unplanned rest days. What are your reasons for taking an unplanned day off from running here and there?


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