Running with love, friends, heart, and rain

7 Jun

This has been a pretty awesome week for me in running!

The best thing about this week is that my husband Mark has started running with me in the morning to prepare for the two fun 5Ks we will be doing together this summer. We ran a mile together on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning followed by some strength training. He’ll be ready for those 5K’s in no time!

runloveSince my training goals are different than Mark’s, I still have to get in longer runs. On Monday evening, I joined the Albany Running Exchange for a group trail run and BBQ. We ran a very hilly 3.5 mile course (9:48 pace) around fields and woods. Then we enjoyed some food and a demonstration of Slackline and Acro Yoga by Team WillCo. Unfortunately, my phone was not being cooperative and I couldn’t get any photos. Here are a couple of examples from their page:

Talk about some serious strength! I’m truly in awe of their talent and beauty of movement. I’m lucky if I can keep my balance during warrior pose on flat ground…

On National Running Day (Wednesday), I headed out solo for run number two in the evening. I brought my GPS but I ran without music. Mostly because I got pretty used to it during my “naked” runs and just forgot. Turns out, I actually enjoy going without tunes and just listening to the rhythm of my body. (Wow, that was corny…but true.)

runwithheart4.37 miles | 36:46 total time | 8:25 avg pace

My big order from Brooks came just in time for a today’s rainy run, so I got to test out my new running jacket! The rain got heavier and heavier and the jacket held up pretty well for most of the run, but my arms still ended up kind of soaked. Much better than last time though. I think some wetness is just going to have to be expected!

rainyrun2I’m really beginning to appreciate and enjoy these rainy runs. No, seriously. There’s something both soothing and empowering about running in the rain and I’m embracing it.

rainygps4.03 miles | 33:29 total time | 8:19 avg pace

Following the run, I worked on my core and legs. This week I’ve re-committed myself to my goals of incorporating more strength training into my workouts. Can’t get faster without getting stronger! I still haven’t made a formal plan to help me achieve my new goal, but whatever I’m doing right now seems to be having a positive impact. I’m considering consulting with an e-coach for some key workouts and pointers.

Happy Friday, friends! My question to you: What’s your experience with using an e-coach?


2 Responses to “Running with love, friends, heart, and rain”

  1. Laura June 7, 2013 at 8:42 pm #

    I never actually *want* to go run in the rain but when I do and I finish, I feel gleeful! Reminds me of being a kid again!

  2. Jan Scott (@janscott75) June 8, 2013 at 10:45 pm #

    Love the coat! I have come to enjoy running in the rain, too. It makes me feel tough, even though it isn’t that tough; it’s actually pretty relaxing! Glad you are able to get some runs in w/ your hubby!

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