LSD and sunshine

4 May

I’m writing this post from the road as Mark and I are on our way out of town for the night. Hopefully this works!

This morning we headed out for my last Long Slow Distance run before next weekend’s half marathon. Mark rode along on his bike again.
photo 1wmIt is a gorgeous sunny day and I got to put my Brooks PR Mesh Skort and C9 by Champion runglasses to the test.
runglasses wmTotally approve!

Mark didn’t bring his fancy DSLR camera with him, but he still got a couple of nice action shots!away wmAt about mile 5.5 we saw this white bike, which is actually a memorial. (Sorry for the foggy shot, my iPhone was in my pocket and got a little steamy.)ghostbike wmghostbikeplaque wmforward wmHonestly, this running skirt is amazing. The compression shorts underneath have rubber on the hems. They. Did. Not. Move. I want 10 more of these skirts, please! The only thing that would make them better is a couple of belt loops so I don’t have to safety pin my hydration belt to myself.runandsmile wmThis time, I tried to focus on starting out slower and building a little speed after the halfway point for a negative split. The last 1.5 miles were tough, but I think waiting too long to take another Gu gel had something to do with that. I took one at mile 5 and then at mile 10. splits 5_4Overall a great run in the sun and now it’s time to focus on tapering, carbo-loading, and rest!


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