Running forward

18 Apr

In light of this week’s events, I am sure many other bloggers can agree that it has been hard to focus on writing about other things. In some ways, writing about a morning workout, new running gear, or what’s on the dinner menu may seem a little trivial in comparison to the events of the Boston Marathon bombings. Many of us are spending the time usually devoted to writing by holding our loved ones closer during those precious minutes instead. Well, at least I know that has been what it’s like for me this week.

On the other hand, it is important to continue to move forward. Returning to life as usual and restoring the normalcy of daily routines is necessary for healing from grief. Moving forward does not mean forgetting. Surely, it will take those at the heart of the tragedy a long time to reach that sense of normalcy again. I will continue to run for Boston, keep those affected in my thoughts and prayers, and do whatever I can to show my support. I also want to be part of the movement that demonstrates that such a despicable act will only strengthen the resolve and spirit of all runners, not dampen it. I will not run in fear. 


That said, I’m going to tell you all about my run today.

I had myself a runch today. That’s right, I ran during my lunch break again. This marks the second time since I first tried it and said I wouldn’t make it a habit. I guess I’m eating my words now.

Due to an appointment cancellation, I had a two hour break in the middle of the day. I planned ahead and packed everything I would need for a mid-workday run. I of course wore a blue shirt to represent Boston. (I have been wearing yellow and blue dress clothes to work also.) The weather is finally getting warmer and today was a little sunny but windy. I’ll take it!

20130418-165655.jpgI ran a smooth and fast 4.09 miles (to represent the time on the clock when the explosions occurred). I think my hill/speed work is starting to give me some results. I ran around an 8:00 pace the whole time and I felt really good!

20130418-165731.jpgWondering what you would need to pack besides your outfit in order to have a successful lunch break run? Here’s what I brought with me:


  1. Makeup
  2. Deodorant
  3. Dry Shampoo
  4. Hairspray
  5. Body spray
  6. Action Wipes
  7. Brush/bobby pins/headband/other hair do-dads  to make a fancy post-run hairstyle (not pictured)

Yes, you read that correctly. After two previous attempts I finally got my ish together and remembered the dry shampoo and wipes. These two items make a HUGE difference. I felt much fresher afterward than the other two lunch break runs. The Action Wipes came in the April Stride Box and I really appreciated having it on hand. It’s nice and big and has a fresh scent to it. I even used it on my face a little bit and it didn’t irritate my skin or anything crazy like that. I think I will have to buy some more so I can be prepared for the next time I run at lunchtime. Let’s be honest, it’s going to happen.

Anyone else feeling the same about their blog posts and/or thoughts on not living or running in fear?

Any other fellow lunch break runners? What’s in your runchbag?


One Response to “Running forward”

  1. Christine April 20, 2013 at 7:00 pm #

    I’ve been feeling like a blogging slump after this week. It certainly doesn’t help that I’ve also hit a running slump. I’ve decided to ban myself from doing both until next week (absence makes the heart grow fonder!) and get back to moving forward.

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