My heart belongs to Boston.

15 Apr

From the time I woke up this morning, my thoughts have been in Boston. My heart swelled as incredibly inspirational athletes crossed the finish line, accomplishing a feat many runners will only dream about. Then my heart broke as I heard the news that bombs exploded near the finish line resulting in the loss of lives and horrific casualties. My whole heart has been in Boston ever since.

Running is more than a sport – it’s a community, a family. We are all joined together by the shared experience of runnerhood and when something like this happens to any of us, it is like it has happened to all of us.

With that said, I am not surprised to hear about the many ways runners and spectators have tried to help others in need during today’s tragic events. Finishers running to the hospital to donate blood, people opening their homes to displaced runners. Running brings people together and no matter how hard anyone tries, that spirit and bond will not be broken.

Join me in showing your runnerhood and unity for Boston tomorrow by wearing a race shirt or the Boston Marathon colors of blue and yellow. See the details from #RunChat here.



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