Recovery runs, Pulled pork, and Bargain brights

12 Apr


After yesterday’s hill repeats, my plan for this morning was to go for a recovery run. Then I got to thinking, what exactly is a recovery run and what are the benefits? What I’ve heard is that it is meant for muscle repair and to essentially “shake the legs out” the day after a hard workout. Then I read this article, which offers a somewhat different perspective. Author Matt Fitzerald from says the common belief about recovery runs is not quite accurate, but they are very important for training.

“By sprinkling your training regimen with relatively short, easy runs, you can achieve a higher total running volume than you could if you always ran hard.  Yet because recovery runs are gentle enough not to create a need for additional recovery, they allow you to perform at a high level in your key workouts and therefore get the most out of them.”

If you run 5 times a week or more, are training for a race, were unsure of the reasons for recovery runs, or are at all interested in running, I highly recommend reading the entire article.

Even though I haven’t been running 5 times a week, I still considered this a recovery run because it fell between a hard workout and the 9 miles I have planned for tomorrow.

Today’s cold, rainy run was a little over 3 miles at a 9:30 avg pace. It was nice to slow down a little and relax. I also made a mental note that I need a light rain jacket for running.

I followed that with the abs circuit from the Running in Heels Beach Body Challenge.

That last plank was haaaaaaard, but I’m fairly certain I’ve grown at least a two-pack with all the core work I’ve been doing.


I met my very best friend Vicki for lunch at Spanish tapas restaurant, Boca Bistro to talk boys men, life, work, and running. If you are ever in or around the Capital Region of New York, you need to eat there. End of story.


Pulled pork with smoked tomato aioli, pickled shallot, and idiazabal (cheese) sandwich with a cup of white bean and chorizo soup


Biggest white beans I’ve ever seen on the biggest spoon I’ve ever used to eat soup

Seriously, this stuff is delicious. The food makes me want to go to Spain to eat myself into oblivion and never leave.


On the way home I stopped at my favorite weekly hangout, Target. I was trying on a few things in the dressing room and the urge struck me to take a self-portrait. For the past couple of days I’ve been letting my hair just kind of do its own thing with minimal product or blowdrying (besides bangs). You know this is a big deal when both your husband and your best friend react to you telling them you let your hair go au naturel by getting really scared and asking if you’re OK.



I spent a lot of time perusing the aisles in a leisurely manner, not really looking for anything in particular. I ended up with this awesome skirt for about $8 and I’m already planning how I’m going to wear it next week.


I also found these bobby pins on clearance and thought they’d be a cute way to hold my bangs back during races instead of those plain, boring bobby pins I usually use.

20130412-173528.jpgToday’s shopping theme was clearly “Bright colors and 70% off.”

Some fun questions for you:

What are your thoughts on recovery runs?

What’d you have for lunch today? 

What was your last bargain buy?


2 Responses to “Recovery runs, Pulled pork, and Bargain brights”

  1. Christine April 12, 2013 at 10:20 pm #

    I keep trying to incorporate more recovery runs/walks but tend to get lazy. I think it helps keep things loose, but its very important to remember that they are meant to be easy, slower, and probably shorter ! I know that once i’m out running I often want each run to be faster or longer than the last! My lunch was not healthy at all. A bagel and a slice of pizza. Both were free i the staff lunch room. I can only justify it by the long run that is coming up this weekend. and that they were delicious. Target has received a solid 40% of my paycheck this year. There is one directly across the street from my school and I stop there far more often than necessary!

    • Nikki April 13, 2013 at 1:22 pm #

      I’m the same way! I have trouble with runs that are supposed to be slow. I’m at Target at least once a week, sometimes twice. I think there was one weekend I had to go three times…

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