Just a Few things Friday

5 Apr

Today has truly been a great day. It didn’t start off as anything extraordinary, but it seemed the blessings multiplied as the day went on. My heart is so full of gratitude and all I can really say is: Life is good.

With all this fullness, I’ve only got time for a few things.

One of my first stops today was Trader Joe’s to stock up on my favorite trail mix and a few other goodies. I avoided the craziness by being there bright and early.


Nom nom

Today was the day I finally got my car washed and fully detailed. I’ve only had this gift card since Christmas 2011 (thanks, Mom!) and I figured it was time Coco got a good scrubbin’.


So fresh and so clean, clean

While I was waiting a solid hour and a half for my car, I read most of the May issue of Runner’s World. The article on Kara and Shalane was great, but this tiny little blurb really made my heart swell.



Upon arriving back home, I had this waiting on my doorstep! If you read yesterday’s post, you all know what song I started singing. The April Stride Box is here!



This little box is chock full of awesomeness, which I will tell you allll about in another post this weekend. Here is a preview:


So many goodies!

On a whim, I popped into a really cute and massive gift store. I came across this sign and it really spoke to me. We live in such a busy world that it can be easy to miss out on so many of life’s simple pleasures. Slow down and let happiness catch you!


This afternoon was sunny and (finally) warm enough to give my new running skirt a spin. I’m thinking I like this whole running skirt thing. I did an easy 2 miles and stretch to loosen up my legs for tomorrow’s Dodge the Deer 5K.


I could get used to this.

This evening, I met a few of my close girlfriends enjoy some dinner and catch up on the latest in each other’s lives. There are so many exciting things going on for everyone, the next year is surely going to be a wonderful one.

Now, I’m resting and trying to decide what to wear for tomorrow’s race! I’m not sure if I want to go with the running skirt or capris. Guess I better make up my mind and get to bed!

Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend! Anyone else racing? Big plans?


2 Responses to “Just a Few things Friday”

  1. Diana April 6, 2013 at 9:08 am #

    Love the skirt on you! I am a big running skirt fan. =)

    • Nikki April 6, 2013 at 5:04 pm #

      Thank you! I think I’m going to be a huge fan of the running skirt and will probably buy more. It was too cold to wear it in today’s race, though.

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