Monday Meditation: Code of the Road

25 Mar

As an uplifting follow-up to yesterday’s post about negativity coming from non-runners, this quote touches on the positive social impact of running.

“Here’s what I know about runners. There is an unspoken but deeply felt bond that connects us to one another. We can go from stranger to trusted confidant in the space of a run or an hour gathered in a crowded auditorium. We can share our most intimate thoughts and know that they are protected by the unspoken code of the road. I know that running not only strengthens our bodies, it often fortifies our hearts and minds, conferring an inner resilience that mirrors our physical capabilities. And I have discovered that very often, courage, empathy, and character can be natural by-products of a running life.”

-Candace Karu

Do you smile when you pass other runners on the road, track, or trail? I always do and the above quote truly gets to the heart of the reason why. It goes beyond simple friendliness or being polite. The act of running creates a shared experience, regardless of mileage or fitness level. When we pass by or spend time with other runners, there is a real sense of “being in this together”. It is a community, a camaraderie, a fellowship.

Strong friendships are naturally forged through running. Take a common interest and add physical and psychological intensity and you’ve got a pretty powerful setup for sharing things you may not share with others (just think for a second of all the body-related things only other runners would understand…).



Through running we not only become our best selves and reach beyond our limits, we also understand, accept, appreciate, and encourage others. If that doesn’t make it worth it, I don’t know what does!


One Response to “Monday Meditation: Code of the Road”

  1. Amanda March 26, 2013 at 3:49 pm #

    I love the running community. I can tweet about crapping in the woods, and runners get it and don’t judge (maybe?). Plus, the encouragement we give each other is unmatched.

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