So over winter and working on running form

19 Mar

OK. I love winter running and all, but I’ve had my fill of snow and freezing cold. I mean, seriously. Tomorrow is the Spring Equinox. Can we please have some warm sunny days now?

Most of my clients canceled today thanks to Winter Storm Ukko (really with that name?), so I was home about 5 hours earlier than usual. I went off for my mile to continue my Mile a Day in March challenge. I haven’t missed a day yet! I did my 8:00 core circuit afterward and spent more time stretching and foam rolling.


Snowflakes on my nose and eyelashes…


Snowy mile

I can’t forget to mention that Mark and I did our mile together on Sunday afternoon! After a bunch of errands and a birthday party for a 4 year old, it felt more like nap time than run time but we did it.

This is clearly out of order. Rewind/fast forward/whatever to Monday night. I did a slow and easy 4 miles while I stretched my legs out from Saturday’s race and tried to read every sign I passed and took pictures for the #RunChat Scavenger Hunt. Trying to find a hashtag (#) while running is not very easy at all.

4.17 miles | 41:30 total time | 9:57 avg pace

Lately, I’ve been trying to be mindful of my running form and working on making some adjustments to improve. I saw a photo that made it look like I was heel striking and it got me wondering if I typically heel strike when I run. Since I don’t have a running coach and I don’t run in front of a mirror, I can’t be certain about my form. I don’t think I predominantly heel strike, but then again I didn’t think I was a massive overpronator either.

Sometimes I glimpse my shadow or see my reflection in a window and am convinced I’m the most awkward runner on the planet, but surely that can’t be accurate, right?

Regardless, I am making an effort to work on my slightly-forward lean and midfoot strike.

I found this video from Chi Running’s Danny Dreyer pretty helpful in explaining why we heel strike, what it does, and how to achieve a midfoot strike:

I like this video from the Balanced Runner because it demonstrates 5 common mistakes runners make and how to correct them:

“Changing your footstrike is a complicated issue.” You’re not kidding… I think I’m going to be bookmarking the Balanced Runner video channel for future reference.

And if you’re not into watching videos, here’s a little poster:

From Runner’s World (via)

What are your experiences with adjusting running form?


2 Responses to “So over winter and working on running form”

  1. Diana March 20, 2013 at 7:43 am #

    I think I run too “upright.” Can I blame my slowness on that? =)

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