#RunChat Scavenger Hunt and Getting Kilted

15 Mar

The list of items and official rules for the 2013 #RunChat Scavenger Hunt were released yesterday and I’m very excited to be participating for the first time this year! The whole idea is to look for the items while out on a run, snap a photo, and upload it to Twitter to gain entries toward winning some awesome prizes. I got started with my first item today – a historical marker. Once I have all my items checked off, I’ll post an update. Join in the fun!


Yesterday seemed like the longest day ever because I ended up putting in a 13 hour work day unexpectedly. In the mental health field, crises do happen from time to time and it can result in making a long day even longer. Truth be T, it’s been a rough couple of weeks. I didn’t get home until after 10:00 PM and really just wanted to dive under the covers. Knowing I’ve been trying to stick to my Mile a Day in March challenge, my husband was practically in his running clothes when I got home. So we ran together at 10:30 and it was the best mile ever. He’s really the best. 🙂


1.03 mile | 9:16 total time

Today was all about loosening up and preparing myself for tomorrow’s Kilt Run 5K. I did an easy couple of miles around the neighborhood, stretched, did a core workout, stretched, did an arms circuit, stretched, foam rolled, stretched, and stretched some more. My legs might actually be ready for a race tomorrow!

2.01 miles | 20:14 total time | 10:05 avg pace

I took care of a few errands this morning and picked up the final touches for my St. Patty’s running outfit. Just wanted to throw this picture in there because I’m not always wearing running gear, I swear.


Feeling Springy and scarfy today

I did not find a hair accessory that I liked, so I ended up getting a scarf that I will try to fashion into a headband. I found some black compression shorts for under the mini-kilt and I’ll probably be wearing a long sleeve light thermal under the green T-shirt. It’s looking like it might be a bit chilly.


Get your kilt on

I also painted my nails green with a couple of festive shamrock stickers.


Lucky nails?

The race doesn’t go off until 11:45 AM, but I’ll be up early for an Irish breakfast at a friend’s house before heading off to the starting line. Have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone and if you’re racing, good luck and have fun!


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