Monday Meditation: Burn it up

11 Mar

Today, I came across this quote from Runner’s World Mile Markers blogger Kristin Armstrong.

“As I get older I see that running has changed for me. What used to be about burning calories is now more about burning up what is false. Lies I used to tell myself about who I was and what I could do, friendships that cannot withstand hills or miles, the approval I no longer need to seek, and solidarity that cannot bear silence. I run to burn up what I don’t need and ignite what I do.”

Kristin wrote this piece while discussing her adjustment to her son becoming a teenager. For her, running was a metaphor for allowing herself to reconcile her changing role as a mother. The rest of the quote has been dropped by others, but I think it really helps emphasize the point:

“We pushed through 2400 meters solid pace at the track this week, followed by 10x 200m.  I ran until it burned, my legs and my lungs on fire.  I am trying to teach my body how to run and recover, run and recover.

It’s odd how closely it resembles love and let go, love and let go.”

This is acceptance. The mind and body are thoroughly interconnected and running demonstrates that every time we put our soles to the pavement. Often, what we struggle to accept emotionally, we work through physically by running. Running has the potential to show us who we really are and what we can do, but it can also guide us through this complicated process of coming to terms.

Ignite your run and burn up what holds you back – run and recover, love and let go.



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