Are there wings on my shoes?

6 Mar

Let’s rewind to Monday night. I don’t know whether it was the fierce wind that was mainly at my back or if I had wings on my shoes, but I feel like I flew right through my run. It seemed like my feet barely touched the ground and I rocked those miles. It started to flurry a little bit, which added a nice wintry touch.

20130306-130546.jpg4.02 miles | 33:16 total time | 8:17 avg pace

When I finished, I had a pretty good runner’s high that lasted into the next morning. Gotta love those kinds of runs! I did an 8:00 core workout to top off the night.

I found the most awesome thing yesterday. Swedish Fish jelly beans! As soon as I heard these existed, I went on a search and there were 3 bags left at a nearby pharmacy. They all belong to me now.

20130306-130555.jpgThere may or may not be only 2 of those bags left…

Tuesday afternoon was pretty rough at the office and I really just wanted to get home, crawl into my fleece pj’s, and hide under the covers with a bottle of wine. BUT I didn’t want to give up on my mile a day challenge for March so soon, so I put on my running shoes at 9:00PM and fired up the Garmin to knock out 1 mile.


When I came back inside, the fleece pj’s were on in a matter of seconds. I didn’t go for the wine, though. A heaping spoonful of crunchy cookie butter did the trick, though.

I’m looking forward to tonight, as my schedule for today changed a little bit and I will be done at the office in time to meet up with my new Albany Running Exchange friends for a group run!


3 Responses to “Are there wings on my shoes?”

  1. Mark March 6, 2013 at 3:49 pm #

    There may or may not only be 1 of those bags left… 🙂
    so. much. yum.

  2. Jade March 6, 2013 at 8:08 pm #

    Awesome run!

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