Sunday busy-ness (revisited)

3 Mar

I am very, very disappointed to discover that my post from Sunday’s goings-on has vanished somehow!!! I really liked that post, and now it’s gone forever. Has this ever happened to anyone else?

I did recover the initial draft but unfortunately it only had the pictures uploaded and no words. So I will just give  a brief recap. If you did read the post about Sunday before it disappeared, sorry for the repeat!

It was a very busy, but very fulfilling weekend. We met up with my friend Jenn to head over to the local Greenmarket to pick up some fresh goods.

First, we stopped at my most favorite coffee place to get caffeinated.


Cinnamon mocha latte…mmmm.

The Greenmarket is full of food and goods that are locally sourced and/or organic. There’s everything from produce to meat, to wine and cheese, tea, pasta, spices, clothing and jewelry, and other services.


Check out this delicious looking bread display!

I picked up some cilantro pesto, zucchini pineapple bread, and chorizo.


A friend of mine suggested I join this challenge to run at least a mile a day in March. I usually take 2-ish days off from running as rest or recovery days, but I figured I can do a mile on those days off. I begged suggested to Mark that he join me on the days I only run a mile. (I mean…that Color Me Rad 5K is coming up in July, gotta get into shape!).

We warmed up by dancing and fistpumping around to some dubstep and taking goofy photos.



There you have it, one mile done for Sunday!


I followed the run up with a 5:00 arms workout and thought it was a good idea to have Mark take a picture of me awkwardly holding some dumbbells.


Nailed it.

For dinner, I used the chorizo from the Greenmarket to make tacos. This was the first time I’d ever made them at home (I know, right?!) and they were absolutely delicious!


The ingredients: Chorizo, red onions, mixed bell peppers, brown and wild rice, shredded Mexican cheese blend, Trader Joe’s habanero lime salsa, whole wheat tortillas.


They were so good, I think I need to make them part of our regular menu!


For dessert, we bribed our friends with these TJ’s mini vanilla ice cream sandwiches so they would let us watch the Walking Dead with them because we don’t have cable anymore.



Daryl is my favorite TWD character because he’s so badass. Who’s your favorite?


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