Let’s get sweaty and Naked

27 Feb

Ha! Get your mind out of the gutter, this is a running blog.

Today’s wintry-mixy weather meant an after work treadmill run for this girl. I hit up the gym for 3 quick miles while I watched the Big Bang Theory without any sound (fun times). Like I mentioned yesterday, I get sweaty pretty easily. When I have to run inside, the sweat factor increases exponentially. Seriously – at mile 2, I could barely keep my left eye open due to sweat drops gone rogue. I also had mascara all over my face when I checked the mirror in the locker room. I’m obviously one of the cool kids.


I followed up the run with another 8 minute core workout. I’ve been working the abs fairly consistently for about 4 weeks and I’m really starting to see a difference. My core is stronger and my tummy is flattening. I find this very exciting! Maybe when my six pack grows in I’ll snap a photo for you. Maybe.

I tried the Naked green machine today. To be honest, I was a little intimidated by this green juice after reading all of the fruits and veggies listed (what the H is spirulina?!), but the label is accurate. It looks weird and tastes amazing!

20130227-213536.jpgI was really craving soup for dinner tonight, so I had a bowl of TJ’s carrot ginger soup with the Reduced Guilt sea salt pita chips crumbled in. It made a pretty yumtastic combo!

20130227-213542.jpgOn a funny note, hubby and I came across this video the other day and I thought it was pretty funny and wanted to pass it along.


(It’s funny because it’s truuuueee)


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