Re-stocking, Sunday stuff, and core training

24 Feb

Today I did something I never imagined I’d do. I signed up for a Twitter account. Yes, that’s right, you’re looking at the newest addition to the Twitterverse! I’m still working on figuring it out, but you can follow me @runbreathebe if you’d like. Or if you have any tweeting tips to send my way, don’t hesitate. I’m really not good at this game.

Yesterday I took a trip to Fleet Feet to replenish my nuun and Gu supply. I also saw at least 12 new items for my running wish list. There are so many awesome new tops, capris, and gadgets for Spring. One of the things I added to my list that is actually in my price range is this really cool reflective and blinking band by amphipod for running in the dark. I’ve actually thought about attaching a Knuckle Light to my ankle for added visibility, but with these I wouldn’t have to! On the next trip, it will be mine.


They of course did not have my favorite mint chocolate Gu flavor or pink lemonade nuun, so I grabbed a few different flavors to try. Peanut butter, jet blackberry, chocolate outrage, and vanilla bean. I tried the fruit punch nuun today and it’s no pink lemonade, but it’s pretty good. I also decided it was finally time to purchase that 13.1 car magnet now that it’s been over 5 months since my first half.

20130224-164423.jpgAfter restocking my mini-fuel and hydration collection, it was off to Trader Joe’s for some tasty groceries. TJ’s on a Saturday afternoon is as great of an idea as a root canal, but it was either that or go without my favorite trail mix all week. That was not about to happen.

Actual photo taken in the TJ’s parking lot.

Mark and I did round 2 of grocery shopping today and I found my second Designer Whey item! The chocolate caramel crunch protein bar. There are a couple more places listed online that sell their products locally, so I might have to stop at ALL of them to find out what’s available.


Today I also joined the Under Armour What’s Beautiful challenge with a goal of “Building a stronger core to be a stronger runner.” The website is giving me a little trouble, but once it’s all set I’ll share the link to my profile and start logging my progress. Anyone else doing it? (Tina and Jenny?)

This afternoon I did an easy recovery run of 1.5 miles just to loosen my legs up, followed by some stretching and an 8:00 min Easy Abs circuit using my lolo app. Adding that 3 minutes really changes things. This move was a killer and truth be T, I couldn’t do it. I had to skip the leg extension part. I guess mastering this move is just going to be part of my goal!

20130224-164437.jpgEvil side iso abs with leg abduction. 

Core and strength training were things I neglected while training for my first half marathon and I don’t want to continue to make that mistake. There are tons of articles and pro-tips that emphasize the importance of building a strong core to improve running performance. Top 10 reasons can be found here.

“Your core strength involves the supportive muscles in your trunk and hips. Strong core muscles provide you with a strong base and are key in supporting a strong and enduring stride. Without strong core muscles your stride will be weak and lack endurance.”  – Running Planet

I can already see some positive changes in my body since my return to running in early January, especially since I’ve added strength training circuits. I’m feeling stronger and looking forward to seeing my body take a better shape and becoming a better runner for it.


One Response to “Re-stocking, Sunday stuff, and core training”

  1. Diana February 25, 2013 at 7:42 am #

    Ignoring my core is something I’m totally guilty of. I hate “working out” and just stick to running – but I know that my running could be improved if I just took a little time on my down days to focus on other things. Maybe reading your blog will help guilt me into it. =)

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