Bumpin’ dubstep and crushing miles

23 Feb

Mission accomplished.

This morning, I woke up with a fresh attitude and actually felt a little excited to get out for my run. I ate a little whole wheat toast with peanut butter, chugged some nuun-ified water, put all my gear on, stretched, set Pandora to the Skrillex station, sucked down a mint chocolate GU, and hit the road.

First thought 45 seconds into my run: “I’m wearing the wrong runderpants for this.” A bit of a wedgie was not going to stop me though!

I let my body tell me where I was most comfortable pace wise and just went with it. I really enjoyed this run and making it through the 6 miles really blew away the blahs from yesterday.

20130223-141556.jpgI felt super amazing when I finished and spent a lot of time stretching, foam rolling, and recovering with a Designer Whey chocolate protein shake. So delicious! I really liked the flavor and it was nice and smooth. Only 100 calories in a bottle (10.5 oz) and 18 grams of protein! I’m on the lookout for the bars and 2Go drink mixes, but so far haven’t found those locally. So far, I’m a fan.

20130223-141605.jpgEllie was also recovering from my run, as you can see from her big sleepy couch stretch:

20130223-141612.jpgWondering who won the “What’s for dinner?” game last night? That title goes to Mark for choosing a big calzone and garlic knots for us to share. It’s a good thing we didn’t order two because it was huuuge!

20130223-143417.jpgIt was chock full of broccoli, tomato, and basil and had just the right amount of ricotta and mozzarella.

20130223-143424.jpgIt was mostly veggies, so it’s totally OK that we didn’t have any leftovers, right?


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