Monday Meditation: No Struggle, No Glory

18 Feb

Happy President’s Day! If you have the day off, I hope you’re enjoying it to the fullest. (By celebrating our nation’s leaders and history, of course.) I am actually in the office today seeing some clients and sorely missing paid holidays.

One of the reasons I follow Gibson’s Daily Running Quotes is because they never fail to post something that I find completely relevant to where I’m at with life and running. They posted this quote on Friday:

“One thing you’ll learn after you cross the big finish line, and all the little finish lines in the middle, is that rarely will you find glory without struggle. The things that are easy? The things that make sense? Those aren’t the things you talk about for years to come. They aren’t the things you hang on your wall with pride.”

– Dawn Dais, The Non-Runner’s Marathon Guide for Women

I find so much truth in this quote and I hope you do, too. When I read it, I tried to imagine myself or someone else crossing a finish line without breaking a sweat and saying nonchalantly, “That 5K/10K/15K/half-marathon was cake. NBD.” I think if working toward running goals was easy, so many of us would give up because we would get so little in return. We feel if we’ve had to work hard for something, that sense of pride is magnified.

Think about the stories you tell your friends, families, and teammates about running. How do you feel when you share the ones about how you almost gave up but pushed through anyway? Or about the one where you came back from injury? How about the PR or distance you trained for months to achieve? Maybe all those days you woke up at 5:00 AM to get your workout in? What about the mental battle with the inner voice that tells you to take up something easier instead?

We tell these stories with pride because we worked hard to get there. It would be a much different story and feeling if our muscles were always loose, hill repeats and tempo runs were a breeze, our gear was sweat-free after a 10 miler, we always sprang out of bed at 4:00 AM raring to go, and our minds were always filled with positive thoughts. First of all, everyone would look at you like you were a crazy person…and second, you might actually be a crazy person.

Those race medals and bibs aren’t just swag, they are badges of honor earned through rigorous mental and physical challenge. It is the struggle that truly makes the finish so, so very sweet.


That said, I am now looking forward to my run tonight. I’ve been having trouble getting motivated for my runs as of late, and this reminded me that it’s all part of the struggle and my next finish line (race or otherwise) is going to be oh so worth it.


3 Responses to “Monday Meditation: No Struggle, No Glory”

  1. Amanda February 18, 2013 at 12:07 pm #

    This is so beyond true. I don’t really tell my friends stories about running (because they don’t really care…), but I’m proud of recovering from injuries last year and running a 10k. I’m also proud of my latest 5k PR because that race was freaking difficult. I’m also proud of a six-minute PR from a Turkey Trot from one year to the next because I sweat a lot for it. I’m hoping I’ll be proud of my half marathon finish too!

    • Nikki February 18, 2013 at 3:24 pm #

      So much to be proud of! Keep it up! You will most certainly be proud of your half marathon finish, because no matter how you cross that finish line, you WILL. And that is totally worth all the hard work.

  2. Running In Heels February 19, 2013 at 12:16 pm #

    I love that quote.. so true!

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