An inspiration reaches out and finding my own motivation

15 Feb

A couple of weeks ago, I featured an article from Runner’s World about the three men who received heart transplants and began running half marathons after recovering. This week, Justin Feria found my blog and reached out to me in appreciation for writing about him and his fellow teammates. It’s so awesome to have someone you’re inspired by reach and out and thank you for something!

He shared this short documentary about the men’s journey from heart transplant surgery to completing the La Jolla Half Marathon with the Sharp Heart Transplant team.

That video gave me some serious chills! Also – he just launched his own website this week to talk about his personal experiences and ongoing running goals. He’s training with Team Tinmen to participate in the Arizona Ironman and he just registered for his first FULL marathon. How incredible! If you are feeling like you need some inspiration or just want to hear about an amazing journey, check it out!

Speaking of motivation, I was having a really tough time finding mine today. I probably took about an hour after changing into my running gear to get my butt out the door. I did some warmups and abs first, in an effort to get my blood pumping. That helped, but it was really seeing someone else run past the house that gave me the final push I needed. (If I see someone else running, I pretty much immediately feel the urge to run, too. Weird, I know.) Motivation is motivation, right?

It turned out to be a pretty solid run, even though I had the silly idea to pick a route with a big hill in it. It took me at least half a mile to recover…


4.35 miles | 38:07 total time | 8:46 avg pace

I almost forgot to tell you! After the run, I decided to try out the Booty Burner workout that Brooke from Running in Heels posted on Monday.

I did it one time through (minus the 8 min running) and my booty was definitely burning! The squat jumps were pretty lame by the time I got to them. Thanks for the workout, Brooke! I feel some serious foam rolling coming on this weekend…

Tonight’s lineup – Catching up on The Walking Dead and baking these red velvet crinkle cookies. Happy Friday!


3 Responses to “An inspiration reaches out and finding my own motivation”

  1. Running In Heels February 15, 2013 at 10:11 pm #

    I am so glad that you got the burn going!! Love it!

    • Nikki February 15, 2013 at 10:41 pm #

      I’ll try it again for sure. Maybe not right after a power run next time, lol.

  2. Amanda February 17, 2013 at 4:38 pm #

    That’s so cool how Justin Feria reached out to you! I loved that article.

    I’m also one of those people who gets motivated to run when I see someone else running, even if I already ran that day. It’s weird how that works!

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