Weekend Recap

11 Feb

What a productive weekend! We didn’t have many concrete plans, but I sure did get a lot done and I still managed to get in two great runs.

First, I need to let everyone know we made it through the big storm Nemo fairly well. Our area got about 3-4 inches and there were no major power outages or anything like that for us. The big impact was south of us, so I hope everyone has been dug out and is safe now!

Mark and I headed over in the snow to our friends’ house Friday night for some delicious baked mac and cheese (sorry, ate it too fast for photos). They gave me my belated birthday present and I am SO grateful. A foam roller! Just in time, too, because I was seriously going to buy one this past weekend!

20130210-224514.jpgAhh, feels so good!

I spent a lot of time cleaning house this weekend and did something I’m sure any recently married woman does… I handwashed my wedding dress in the bathtub. (Don’t worry, I Googled it, it’s safe.) Why, you ask? Because today I get to rock it again today for a very special project that I can’t tell you about until next month. I am beyond excited and can’t wait to share with you the results!


I squeezed in my first weekend run Saturday afternoon, before Mark went out to shovel. Here’s a little photo to demonstrate the amount of snow we got:

20130210-224528.jpgNot bad!

I picked a very good time to go for a run, because the scenery was really pretty with the fresh snow and bright sun. I don’t know if it’s because I was a little crunched for time or if I was just feeling badass, but I ran this one a bit faster than I have been lately.

20130210-224554.jpg3.14 miles | 26:50 total time | 8:33 avg pace

Mark’s an accountant and he has to work Saturdays during tax season (boo), but because of the snow was able to work from home this weekend (yay). He was set up on the dining room table and Ellie and Adele really wanted to help him. It was so cute I had to take this picture.

20130210-224606.jpgAfter some more cleaning, laundry, errands, and getting a new car battery on Sunday, I went for a sunset run. My goal was to do a nice, easy 5 miles and just unwind and clear my head. I had to keep making myself slow down, so I stopped a few times to take pictures of the winter scenery.


5.51 miles | 52:36 total time | 9:33 avg pace

I honestly felt like I could have gone farther last night, but I’m still trying to take it easy to prevent reinjury. I added some arms and core work after this run and overall just felt really fabulous.

All in all, a great weekend!

Now, I’m off to get all dolled up and into my wedding dress! There won’t be a Monday Meditation today, so I’ll be back Tuesday. See ya!


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