‘milling it without socks

5 Feb

Last time I forgot pants. This time it was socks. If I was a Freudian (and I’m not), I would say my subconscious was to blame due to an underlying obvious hatred for treadmill running. Well, take THAT subconscious, because I ran anyway! (Ew?)

As I mentioned before, I only resort to using the dreadmill out of necessity. Last night it was the only practical way to get in a run and be able to get some much needed groceries after work. Since we didn’t make it to bed til well after midnight after coming home from Super Bowl funtivities, waking up at 5:30 AM was not happening. Nuh uh. No way. Going alllll the way home, changing, running, then going allllll the way to the grocery store, and then making dinner was also not a workable plan. So I ended up on the treadmill. (In hindsight, I really could have changed at the office and then found a route to run nearby – I’m filing that idea away for the “1,782 Ways to Avoid the Treadmill” book I won’ t be writing.)

And OF COURSE I didn’t obsessively check out what The Hungry Runner Girl had to say yesterday before going to the gym or else I would have seen THIS POST ABOUT MAKING TREADMILL’N LESS BORING!

Because it sure was boring. I found a treadmill in the cardio cinema thinking I could just distract myself with Pride and Prejudice, get that run in, and then buy all the food in the grocery store. It was pretty much impossible to hear the words to the movie so I pretty much just watched Kiera Knightley laugh, cry, yell, and kiss Mr. Darcy in silence.

Oh, and I almost fell off because my legs pretty much refuse to go the exact same pace consistently. Good thing it was dark in there….

treadmill-shoppingLuckily there is no video proof of my near-death ‘mill mauling (you think I’m exaggerating? I would never.), but here’s proof that I did in fact run on a treadmill yesterday:


OK, so maybe it wasn’t the worst thing I could have done at the end of a Monday. But running right before grocery shopping on an empty stomach leads to the purchase of more snacks and forgetting important things (like bread and vegetables).

Windchill was -5 (F) this morning and there was slight soreness in my foot yesterday, so I opted to take a rest day today. I haven’t run four days in a row in a long time so I’m going to listen to that little voice in my foot that says, “Eh, maybe not today, ok?” and give it a day off.

Anyone else share my completely inappropriate dislike for treadmill workouts?


2 Responses to “‘milling it without socks”

  1. Running In Heels February 5, 2013 at 3:32 pm #

    I am totally with you on this one!! I would much rather run outside!

  2. Diana February 5, 2013 at 3:47 pm #

    I used to run exclusively on a treadmill, but once I got into the habit of running outside, I started using the treadmill only for speed workouts. Now…. eh. Pretty much hate them. But if I had one at home it might be different. Maybe I just hate the gym. =)

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