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Let’s get sweaty and Naked

27 Feb

Ha! Get your mind out of the gutter, this is a running blog.

Today’s wintry-mixy weather meant an after work treadmill run for this girl. I hit up the gym for 3 quick miles while I watched the Big Bang Theory without any sound (fun times). Like I mentioned yesterday, I get sweaty pretty easily. When I have to run inside, the sweat factor increases exponentially. Seriously – at mile 2, I could barely keep my left eye open due to sweat drops gone rogue. I also had mascara all over my face when I checked the mirror in the locker room. I’m obviously one of the cool kids.


I followed up the run with another 8 minute core workout. I’ve been working the abs fairly consistently for about 4 weeks and I’m really starting to see a difference. My core is stronger and my tummy is flattening. I find this very exciting! Maybe when my six pack grows in I’ll snap a photo for you. Maybe.

I tried the Naked green machine today. To be honest, I was a little intimidated by this green juice after reading all of the fruits and veggies listed (what the H is spirulina?!), but the label is accurate. It looks weird and tastes amazing!

20130227-213536.jpgI was really craving soup for dinner tonight, so I had a bowl of TJ’s carrot ginger soup with the Reduced Guilt sea salt pita chips crumbled in. It made a pretty yumtastic combo!

20130227-213542.jpgOn a funny note, hubby and I came across this video the other day and I thought it was pretty funny and wanted to pass it along.


(It’s funny because it’s truuuueee)


Lunch break run

26 Feb

When my alarm went off at 5:30 AM this morning, my brain intervened and made me immediately change it back to the normal get-up time. Makes sense, considering how tired I was yesterday. While I was getting ready for work I thought about how I might get that run in today and a 9:00 PM start time didn’t sound too appealing. So I decided to get a little creative and attempt a run on my lunch break for the first time ever.

I packed a bunch of my running gear and carted it all to the office. The weather was pretty nice and warmer than usual, so I only needed about 10% of what was in my bag.

20130226-135344.jpgI had a cancellation, so my lunch break was actually extended and I had 2 full hours. I ran around a beautiful, quiet neighborhood right near the office building with some seriously nice houses for scenery! I kept a really easy pace to help minimize the sweating (I’m a sweater, so this was tricky) and I kept my bangs loose in an effort to make them easier to restyle afterward (not my best idea). I ran 3 miles in just under 30 minutes.

20130226-135352.jpgWhen I got back, I stretched outside to cool off  and then headed in to mop myself off, put my work clothes back on, and refresh my makeup. With the extra hour, I had plenty of time to relax and enjoy my lunch. I could have changed, ran, changed, and eaten a quick lunch in just the 1 hour, but I really don’t think that is ideal for me. A couple of things I wish I had thought of before this impromptu lunch break run – body wipes and dry shampoo. I wasn’t  stinky or gross after I changed, but I think those additions would have made it easier to freshen up.

I don’t think I’ll doing a lunch break run on the regular, and would only reserve it for the times when I can’t fit a run in anywhere else during serious training. I’m glad I went for it today, though! Anyone else run on their lunch break?

I also tried the Designer Whey chocolate caramel crunch protein bar. I was very excited to try this since I had really enjoyed the protein shake, but I was a little disappointed. I did really like the flavor, but I found myself comparing it overall to my favorite Luna protein mint chocolate chip bar. The Designer Whey bar was harder, slightly smaller, and packed a little less punch in the nutrition.

20130226-214653.jpgNutrition facts:

Designer Whey protein bar – 170 cal, 6g fat (4.5g sat), 10mg cholesterol, 130mg sodium, 120mg potassium, 19g carbs (0g fiber, 14g sugar), 10g protein

Luna protein bar – 170 cal, 5g fat (3.5g sat), 0mg cholesterol, 250mg sodium, 150mg potassium, 20g carbs (3g fiber, 13g sugar), 12g protein

Conclusion: For now I think I will be sticking with Luna for protein bars and Designer Whey for shakes!

Monday Meditation: The power of running

25 Feb

I stayed up wayyyy too late last night to watch the Oscars and today was a busy day at work. That combination means I am dragging! I’m just getting around to posting today’s meditation. Good thing it’s supposed to last all week!


I’m in love with this quote.

“Running has as much power over me as I have over running. Sometimes, when I haven’t run for several days, the balance is shifted and running gains the upper hand, and the impulse to run becomes unwieldy. But most of the time, it’s a good partnership.

Often, people can’t understand how running can have so much power. They say it’s little more than a slightly ambitious version of walking. True running is a simple primitive act. Yet in its subtleties lies tremendous power. For in running, the muscles work a little harder, the blood flows a little faster, the heart beats a little stronger. Life becomes a little more vibrant, a little more intense. I like that.”

– Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon Man

This quote strikes such a chord with me, I’m not sure there’s much I can really add. I find truth in every word!

I have never thought of running as a partnership before, but it makes so much sense. I have always considered running as a source of balance and feel the shift when too much time passes between runs (um, hello. 3 months off, what?). But, I also know that I’m the one in control of my running and the choices I make will determine my success. Some people may not understand that partnership or the power of running, but it’s that inherent quality that draws one to it.

Running truly does add vibrancy and intensity to life – I know I feel more awake and alive when I’m running consistently and coming up with new challenges for myself. What about you?

Happy Monday!