Monday Meditation: The Beat Goes On

28 Jan

The office is very quiet on this snowy Monday, so I decided to catch up on the past two issues of Runner’s World while I wait for clients. In the February 2013 issue, the article “The Beat Goes On” by Jerry Sticker caught my attention. It is a brief yet powerful narrative about three heart transplant recipients who continued to run half marathons after their surgeries.


The one man, Justin Feria, 30, received his new heart from a young woman who died in a car accident. The article opens up with a description of his experience at the start of the Carlsbad Half Marathon:

“Justin Feria felt the morning chill across his skin and shook loose, his measured breaths crystallizing before him. Beneath the surface, though, pumped a heart that stirred a warming brew of emotions. It was here in Carlsbad, California, not far from the start of this half marathon, that his heart donor died in a car accident. He was running today not just for himself, but also for the woman whose presence he could feel on every step of the course, with every beat in his chest.”

Whoa. Did you get chills reading that? Well, I certainly did! The article goes on to detail the story and friendship of the three men, and Feria had this to say about his gratitude for his heart donor:

“Me going out, living life and running, that’s the best way to honor her. It was all possible because of her.”

– Justin Feria, as quoted in the article

This story adds a whole new layer to the idea of running for others. We all have unique life stories and we go through our own personal struggles prior to toeing up to the starting line of a race. But how often do we take this opportunity for granted? These men were given the opportunity to keep going because they literally run with the hearts of others pumping inside of them.

If you find yourself doubting your purpose for running, remember this humbling story.

Run with gratitude in your heart.


3 Responses to “Monday Meditation: The Beat Goes On”

  1. Justin Feria February 12, 2013 at 1:59 pm #

    Hi Nikki,

    Im glad you like the article and am honored that you wrote about us on your website. Keep up the great blog writings and if you get a chance check out the video that our hospital just released yesterday about us running the Triple Crown marathons last year.

    • Nikki February 12, 2013 at 9:48 pm #

      Hi Justin! Thanks for stopping by! It’s great to hear from you. Congratulations on the website launch. The video is great – I’ll be sure to share it with others!


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